SB G6 Best settings for FPS?
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Sep 28, 2019
Hey guys, new here. Hoping to get some info as decent audio is new to me. Used to just use astros on my xbox, but since swapping to pc a month ago, been doing some research on audio.

I have AKG K7XX for my headset, trying to figure out the best way to set it up for footstep audio for FPS games like COD, R6 and Apex. Fortnite I feel works very well with just the Fortnite setting in the SB suite. So far I seem to like FPS mode, with SBX enabled AND Atmos enabled. Seems like I can pin point enemys a bit better in COD. Im basically just using Black ops 4, having my buddy run around and see if I can pin point him. I do not like any surround sound, I cannot pin point at all.

Also is having SBX and Atmos on dumb? Just seemed easier to pinpoint. Thanks!
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So far after some more testing, this is for Black Ops 4 only using treyarch mix

SBX On with audio effects (not direct)
FPS equalizer profile. With crystalizer at 50 and Dolby at Full. No bass, no surround. Seems pretty good, but I feel like I can do something to increase footstep audio. Would that be giving it some bass? Adjusting one of the eqs? I'm not sure exactly.

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