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saver in-ear headphones

  1. markito331
    hi, i need some advice for buying an in-ear pair of headphones for reemplacing the in box included smartphone in ear's.
    i have a pair of sennheiser HD 598 SR, paired with a fiio e10k for desktop listening.
    what i look for is for a decent pair of budget in-ear for on the go listening when going out of home walking, i listen mostly classical music, wich is recorded at low volume, so i need a pair of headphones who don't distort the sound when volume maxed. noise cancellation would be nice, and i don't care much about sound quality, just to be decent and to save me when i have to go out, or travel.
    in my country there are available 2 budget models of audio technica: ATH-CLR100ISATH and ATH-COR150ISBK , what do you think of them? thx

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