Saturday at Red Rose
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Jul 6, 2001
This weekend I visited the Red Rose Store on 74th and Madison in Manhattan and saw their studio / showroom as well as their DSD hardware. Mark Levinson was not in the store that day, which was really unfortunate as I was looking forward to meeting him.

The salespeople I met were wonderful and treated me to a thirty minute demonstration of some of their homemade SACD titles played on the Sony 777ES through their smallest speakers, the ~$3,000 Rosebud, via their midlevel Passion integrated SS amp. I mentioned that I own the 9000ES, which was also in the demo room, and the salesman confided that there are times he likes the 9000 better, although I didn't press him for details. He said they no longer stock the SCD-1.

Red Rose carries a selection of SACD's, most of which have been burned from masters or are recorded from performances there in the showroom. I say "selection" because it is the most diverse group of SACD's I've seen outside of the Sony Store on 57th St. Speaking of diversity, if anyone at Best Buy ever reads this, it is my opinion that one-hundred ten copies of every Billy Joel album ever recorded, sitting beside thirty copies of the soundtrack from "My Fair Lady" does not constitute a selection.

More notable among the many music selections I auditioned was a track from "Op - Tony Overwater" (Turtle Records TR0008 (Distr. By May Audio)) listed here where the diminutive Rosebud speakers handed down satisfying bass and their special ribbon tweeters provided razor sharp highs. The same track played on the higher level (~$8,000) Classic speakers gave a more refined midrange and deeper, more pronounced bass, which I expected from a larger speaker. Vocals and midrange played on the Classic were truer.

That Saturday afternoon I listened, relaxed on their sofa, and let the salesperson play DJ, while I pretended I was in a larger, nicer, better furnished, more acoustically correct version of my own apartment. I wouldn't have turned down a cheese plate or a glass of wine had it been offered, but I guess they didn't want me to get too comfortable.

I bought the Op album listed above, but I plan to establish a weekly pilgrimage to 74th St. to enjoy their music and hospitality while increasing my SACD collection.

Oh, and on my way out I spied a pair of Stax headphones (they were big, brown, rectangular, looked like a vinyl sofa my parents once owned and were not Omegas, but that is as much as I know) connected to the Stax 007 tube amp on a shelf. I almost asked to demo them as well, but I decided to hold off . . . until next time.

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