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Sansui SS100

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by fattyu, Jun 20, 2014.
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  1. fattyu
    For Sale
    Reluctantly but selling my SS100. It is my pride and joy but it is open and as I am only listening to music at work, it just doesn't get used.
    The headphone is in nice but not pristine condition. It has never been opened modified or tinkered with in any way, but the previous owner had it kept in a drawer for years and there is some very minor surface rust present on the left side grill. I tried as best as I can to photograph it and even the photo post process I emphasizted contrast to show it but there is barely any. I am just mentioning it be completely fair. No original box or paperwork.
    Nothing else to report the sound is fantastic, and that is all to tell.
    Buyer pays paypal fee and shipping. I will package very carefully and send the way the buyer prefers ( any carrier and any method of your choice )
    It is located in the EU so within EU no additional taxes and customs.
  2. fattyu
  3. takato14
    Already sold?
  4. fattyu
    I am sorry, yes it is sold.
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