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Sansa Fuze 4gb

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  1. gambit300
    For Sale
    I have come to the conclusions that 3 Fuzes are too many. So I am selling one. I bought this a few months ago as "refurbished" on ebay.
    It does have minor scratches on the screen and face. The back is in really good condition. It does have a sticker from the seller still on it, but that can easily be taken off. The soft rubbery substance on the back and click wheel is still perfect. They are not grimy or deteriorating like it seems like many used fuzes are. The word "hold" is starting to fade, and a few specs of paint around the hold button are chipped.
    Battery life is still great. No technical issues have been encountered, and I have been using this daily for a solid 2 months or so.
    It does have a screen protector on it, and I have a crappy camera that is bad at focusing. so most of what you see in the picture is smudges/glare not actual scratches....
    Cable included. $35 shipped to US paypal gifted. or add 4% for non gift
  2. timtoo
    if you would drop your price let me know
  3. gambit300
    I got ahold of a few USB cables, so I can include one now.
  4. Deep Funk
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