SanDisk Clip Zip SQ vs. other MP3-players
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Headphoneus Supremus
May 17, 2012
Hi there,
Ive used quite cheap MP3-players, and the one I use right now is an Alcatel mobile phone. I have to say it's great, for me, and it drives the HD 205 IIs quite fine. Though, Im buying a HD 202 II right now, and in the future Im very sure the HD 215 IIs, so I want to know if there's big differences in sound quality. What could I expect? Is it it worth for a starting audiophile to buy such a player?
I understood it's an amplifier built-in, and as I know amplifiers are must haves for more expensive headphones (as the HD 215). 
What do you think? Is it smart to move when my Alcatel dies? Or wouldnt I hear differences between cheaper players and the SanDisk? 

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