San Diego/North County California
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I just noticed that the RMAF CanJam runs from October 2 through October 4. I'd like to make both, but I'm not sure how that will be possible. I'll let you guys know which I'll be going to.
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I'll go and bring some stuff too!
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I'd love to make this event.... I gatta see when my October Break is.... go to school on the east coast ><
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Hmm... I usually head back up to LA for the weekends, but maybe I can stay in SD... We'll see. I'll mark it down for now.
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Originally Posted by ServinginEcuador /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I may be up for another meet. It's only an hour away, so if the timing is right I'd be up for it.

It's not now. My dad is flying into town the Tuesday before the meet, and I'll be at the Miramar airshow with him on the 4th.

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I'll start bumping this thread up as we're 1 month away from the S. Diego mini meet.

Hope we can get a nice sized crowd here in North County.

We already have a place. Now let's see about all of us getting together to enjoy some good music and equipment.

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I was hoping that this would still work out. I have been wanting to try out some other audio gear besides what i have. I only have a d10 and sr125 right now and was planning on upgrading but wanted to hear some other stuff before hand to get a feel of what i would like. So i hope it works out i am still interested.
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Ok guys. I'm still interested in keeping our San Diego mini-meet open for 10/4.

Please chime in for an interest check.
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Aight so let's get this figured out.... what are y'all bringing?

I am thinking I will bring my.....

Sennheiser HD650s.
Singlepower MPX3 headphone-amp-o-death (as they are quickly gaining a reputation for). Don't hate me.
Rotel RCD - 1070 CD player.

Post up peoples!

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