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Samsung S10

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by psikey, Feb 22, 2019.
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  1. Gee Simpson
    Ahh, I thought they all didn't have a micro SD slot but it seems only the 5G version doesn't have it. I was wanting the 5G version tbh but I'm not sure if we are all ready for 5G yet?
  2. bobbooo
    I don't think the technology is mature enough for it to be worth it at the moment, and honestly I personally don't see any real world advantage in those kind of speeds. 4G+ is more than enough for music/video streaming or online gaming.
  3. Gee Simpson

    I shall have a think about it, not sure yet. The only thing that puts me off is having to send it back to Hong Kong if anything goes wrong.
  4. bobbooo
    That made me hesitant too initially, but then I realised the mobile phone insurance that comes with my Nationwide FlexPlus account covers everything (not just accidental damage, but any kind of fault) and would be repaired in the UK under them. The account costs £13 per month but you also get worldwide family travel insurance (including winter sports) and UK and Europe breakdown cover along with the phone insurance, so it's definitely worth it. I probably wouldn't have imported from Hong Kong without having that mobile insurance though.
  5. bobbooo
    Is there any way to 'trick' the S10 into activating the 1Vrms high-impedance mode, like you can with LG phones?
  6. blacksesame
    I'm pretty sensitive to hiss and to my surprise the s10 plus is my first phone and dap to not hiss.

    I bought the ifi earbuddy for my dap and glad I did. I can't stand hiss
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  7. gryffe
  8. bobbooo
    It's most likely that the Amazon Music app is outputting all audio via the Android mixer, which resamples everything to 48kHz. The only apps I know of that can bypass this and so play music bitperfect without resampling are Neutron Player and UAPP (USB Audio Player Pro). The latter actually allows you to stream Tidal music through it. You can't currently stream Amazon Music audio through it, but I suspect they might add that in the future, especially if Amazon Music HD takes off, which I think it will considering it's a lot cheaper than Tidal.

    EDIT: This Amazon Music HD FAQ confirms that the app maxes out at 48kHz on Android (and iOS), and external USB DACs aren't currently supported on Android either: https://www.amazon.com/b/ref=s9_acss_bw_cg_AMHDEDU_2a1_w?node=14070322011
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
  9. gryffe


    Thanks for reply. Hopefully Android devices will support higher sample rates in future, sure they will. Also a bummer that currently Amazon HD not supported on Chromecast, that will surely happen soon.
    So currently I'm a bit restricted on what I can do with Amazon HD. Notwithstanding the android restriction, I can't stream Amazon wirelessly to my Cambridge Audio CXN 2 streamer(then out to Chord Qutest DAC) from their desktop app due to Chromecast not being supported yet. Shame because been fairly impressed with it otherwise.

    Didn't know Tidal was available with UAPP player, thanks.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
  10. bobbooo
    I wouldn't count on it, people have been complaining about that for years...What rate does the Amazon Music app say is being output when you play a 'HD' i.e. CD-quality, 16bit/44.1kHz track? Hopefully it isn't upsampling those to 48kHz, which can degrade sound quality.
  11. gryffe
    Picked three 16 bit songs at random, all played at 44.1 so no upsampling.

    I'm fairly optimistic that this is just the start for Amazon as regards Hi res music. Hoping they go into partnership with more HiFi companies to allow greater compatability with Network streamers etc.

    Regarding the phones and sampling rate, I still think my Galaxy gives better sound than either my laptop or PC when played through my streamer/dac/amp/speakers, even though the laptop and pc apparently play back at higher sampling rate. TBH, even though I can clearly tell the difference in quality between MP3 and 16 bit flac, and then between 16 and 24 bit flac, I dont really think 24 bit/48 khz sampling sounds markedly different to 192 khz sampling.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
  12. gryffe
    Another thing I've noticed is Amazon Music absolutely guzzles battery power. Between 20 and 30% per hour. Any tips for reducing this?

  13. iRar
    To follow up on my hissing issue with the s10...

    I sent it in to Samsung and they replaced the entire board. So far so good except I still get the hiss when I enable the adapt sound feature. I'll leave it off to avoid that background noise.
    I do feel a little disappointed that enabling that feature brings a hissing sound with it. I've tried all the settings and including personalized with the same result. You can immediately hear it while setting up the personalized option.

    I guess it is what it is. DAC coming soon.
  14. bobbooo
    Yeah Adapt Sound degrades sound quality, but I don't see any benefit to using it anyway. I much prefer to use Neutron Player which bypasses all Samsung / Android sound processing to use the internal DAC to its full potential with bit-perfect playback. I don't see any need in getting an external DAC for the S10 if you do this.
  15. iRar

    Maybe a dumb question but can neutron support Spotify streaming?
    I do have GBs of downloaded mp3's on a hard drive but a lot of my current listening is through Spotify premium extreme quality download.
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