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Samsung Level new series of premium headphones

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by miziq, Apr 29, 2014.
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  1. vantt1
    That is true. But no matter how hard it may be, they still try to argue over it. It's not about the result of the lawsuit - it's about sending a message.
    A problem would arise if the lawyer couldn't tell the difference between their own side's product from the opponent's.
  2. Mad Max
    "No competition allowed."  [​IMG]
  3. anetode

    Oh Samsung, you so know what gadgets stylish young women want to wear.
  4. vantt1
    Sony does as well!
  5. delrosa81
    From an aesthetics standpoint, the Samsung Level Headphones look pretty good but have to try it before we know whether the sound is good. I also noticed Samsung is becoming to be like Sony, making TVs, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Cameras, Home Theatre Systems, Headphones, etc. Very interested to see the future of Samsung.
  6. nutsford
  7. linglingjr
    half the laptops I've worked on, regardless of brand, have Samsung lcd panels etc. inside of them.  I believe the same goes with phones and TVs they manufacture a ton of parts that go into other brand's products.  
    Don't see the appeal of Samsung making an expensive fashion accessory the same way Beats do.  "Nice Samsung headphones bro, my mom's microwave is made by Samsung too."
  8. vantt1
    Yep, most of HP's laptops have Samsung panels in them, with LG coming in second. But in these cases, they are only the OEMs of the whole product.
    "Hey, I know Samsung, they make shipyard cranes, too!"
    But seriously, Samsung is divided into many smaller industries such as Samsung Electronics, Samsung semiconductor, Samsung Heavy Industry etc.
    That would still make the one that makes microwaves and headphones the same Samsung...
  9. linglingjr
    I think that makes them a lot less appealing to what I expect to be the majority of these HP's demographic, that is young people buying them because they're expensive and they look cool.  I know that works with Monster and beats but I'm not so sure about a huge company like Samsung being able to do this despite them already having such a great record in so many industries.
  10. vantt1
    Yep, I think the fashion headphone market is already over-saturated by other brands - we don't need another big brand company to start releasing a bunch of fashion headphones. What Samsung needs to do is bring out audiophile-esque audio hardware, similar to what they did with this vacuum tube dock:
    Sure, the tubes only play a part in the pre-amp, but it's something we don't see every day. Heck, I bought one just for the vacuum tubes!
    Samsung needs to bring out headphones that have a built-in headphone amplifier that doesn't require you to lug around a separate box plus your DAP.
  11. ClieOS Contributor
    Have the Level In for a couple of weeks now. For the price I'll say it is quite good actually, not just as a triple driver hybrid but also for overall SQ. I will say Samsung is well ahead of Beats, at least in the in-ear department.
  12. earfonia
    That's interesting!
    Are you going to post a review?
  13. ClieOS Contributor
    Well, maybe a short one.
  14. slick530
    Tremendously fugly is all I can think of to use a word to describe them.
  15. vantt1

    That's two words.
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