Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (24-bit/192KHz)
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Your typing is giving me a migraine!

x Over 9000.
So I bit the bullet and bought the Note 3.  figured why not, I need a new phone anyway.
This thing is terrific.
I havent had a chance to check the audio out too much apart from noting that it is quite low on output volume.  I was using it with an iBasso PB2 and my Mr Speakers Alpha Dogs and I had the PB2 and Note at max volume and it was borderline loud enough.
This was on a train with a fair bit of background noise so I will check it out at work this morning to see if I get the same results.
As a phone/tablet hybrid I could not be happier.
Worst case I will look into an e18 or AK10 or HDT Streamer or similar to bump up the volume via USB out.
Great phone though.
As a comparison between my HTC One and the Note 3:
HTC imo has louder audio (Beats is horrible, but with it off the sound is quite good)
The Notes audio options seem to trump the HTC One.
Using the clarity option imo results in better audio than the HTC one, without this the HTC has a slight edge.
The speakers, not that we use them often, the HTC One wins hands down.

I wont go into no audio comparisons because this is headfi after all.
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So, I just received the Note 3, version 9005, Europen 4g version, Nordic version, White, call it whatever you want, but I think you have a good grasp of which model I am referring to. So thought I'd write some thoughts regarding this phablets audio performance. 
My opinion of the audio output through the speakers is that it is rather tinny but loud enough though. This view is shared by most others, so there seem to be a consensus regarding the speakers. 
Now, regarding the audio output through the 3.5 mm jack. I used my Phonak Audeo pfe 232 to test some music just after charging it. I would like to state before writing my impressions that I am in no way any audophile though I do enjoy quality gear and quality sound, as you might have already suspected due to my high-end in ear headphones. So I don't really know all the audiophilic terms. Anyways, so what are my thoughts of the audio? (SKIP TO SUMMARY IF LAZY)
The sound quality WASN'T anyway near the expectations formed from the few reviews on the forum which praised the audio quality. First of all, my Phonak Audeo pfe 232 together with the Iphone 5 and Iphone 4/4s really has a top notch high-end performance. On the Note 3, this is much less pronounced and is nowhere near as good. It simply isn't there. Also the bass on the Note 3 is very slow rather than quick and punchy. For me, this tires the ears much quicker than an accurate bass. However, these "problems" weren't actually any big problems until my sister left me and I could listen to the device alone. Then the REAL problem revealed itself. 
Let me explan. The sound is best described as relaxed and laid-back. It is quite enjoyable to listen to, though, instrument seperation and accentuation isn't the best. Now, the BIG PROBLEM is the background noise it makes when listening to ANY track. I first noticed it when listening to Rachmaninoff tracks, FLAC coded. The noise can be described as for instance my computer fan which is apparent besides me right now or anything like that. Such noises are usually heared in old recordings. So I thought it was like that too in this case. But I was wrong. This background noise is actually sounding in every track I've tested so far. It is almost inaudible when in the low volumes like 1-3, then it grows i a constant return to higher volumes to use economics terms 
. Higher volumes mean more of this "fan noise". But in tracks which aren't quite loud and can outpower the fan noise, this isn't "as much" of a problem as you don't really hear the noise, HOWEVER, once you hear this noise, you won't be able to stop thinking about it, at least this is the case fore me. For me, this is a dealbreaker, and I am lucky to be able to return this phone within a two week trial period. 
SUMMARY: An audible background noise apparent in every track which grows louder with the increase in volume. 
So this was my thoughts on the sound quality of the Note 3, 9005. I don't think I would have written this review if the device performed better as I really would have no incentives of doing so. But I do feel like it is my responsibility to you, audiophiles and music lovers alike, to tell you "the truth" or what my ears have told me. Also it is important because my view is quite contradictory to the other reviewers. But as I said, the background noise is not that apparent with fast- and loudgoing music as opposed to slow or low volume tracks. 
Also, I'd like to hear that I tested both the Adaptive sound, and without the feature. The "difference" was, to my ears, better and more exciting sound, but most of that was due to the adaptive sound basically increasing the volume. So it didn't really change anything but it did make the background noise stronger in relation to its increase in sound volume.
My test music consisted of: 
1) Rachmaninoff - A Window in Time, FLAC
2) Iron Maiden, 320kbps
3) Epicon - Europe FLAC
4) Scorpions 
5) Cantonese Pop Music, soft, calm and melodic tunes
It would be nice to hear from more people with the same experience as me or if you have had better experiences than I am having. Contact me for any questions or thoughts. Also, I wonder how the LG G2 pair against Iphone 5. Before when I hade the 5 and 4s I quite enjoyed the sound, though the equalizers sucked big time.
@spank me"
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Hello again! Just a quickie. I just listened to it again, and to my surprise this background noise seemed to have almost disappeared..... I thought. Because I have a mild tinnitus, I thought it might be my tinnitus giving me this problem. But in this short time I had forgotten how I realised that the noise was really there in the Note 3. Anyone that has the phone SHOULD DO THIS:
1) Place yourself in a quiet environment without ambient noise. 
2) listen to a slower track with some minor breaks in the intro. 
3) listen to about 1-4 or 1-6 
4) turn the volume completely down to 0 and then compare it to the sound when having the volume above zero.
5) At 0, the background noise disappears, then it appears again as the volume is tuned up.
This is how I tested it. Just wanted to share with you, that the problem isn't huge, when listening to tracks that outpowers the background noise at that particular volume. But if not, it is a problem. At higher volumes the background noise also seems to be more apparent than in lower. I think this noise will make for a faster fatigue when listening to music on the device, EVEN if you don't notice it yourself.
Perhaps this problem is also exlusively for in ear models rather than other types of headphones, I don't really know because I don't have any other headphones to test with.
/// Chinesep1mp 
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I tested WITHOUT the usb charging the phone.
Just tested the Note 3 again. Now I inspected the background noise more thouroughly. It seems to increase less from 0-11 while from levels 12-15 it is just incresing return to volume. So people who listen to high volumes will probably dislike this.
This background noise seems to also be there when I just tested an approximately 5 year old Sony Walkman mp3. It is less apparent and mostly in VERY high volumes does it distort.Maybe it is like this for every player?
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  No matter what device you use (external DAC or not): your source, still is set at 44kHz!!! So why fuss about 192kHz?

Talking BS. Fine if CD is your only source - be happy wit it. But they are plenty. I for one prefer digitized vinyl, and it is made mostly in 24/192
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After some early testing between the exynos and the snapdragon, I find the exynos is better than the snapdragon in SQ.
The exyons sounds more open with better detail than the snapdragon.
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Thank God, I own Exynos :) Listening to it through my old Grados SR60 is a revelation
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After some early testing between the exynos and the snapdragon, I find the exynos is better than the snapdragon in SQ.

The exyons sounds more open with better detail than the snapdragon.

I am at The same impression like you With My Exynos

I havent heard 9005 With snabdragon
My Friend just Bought 9005 With Snabdragon , he told Me his snabdragon is sibilance In midrange

I am very Happy With My Note 3 Exynos 9000

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I am at The same impression like you With My Exynos

I havent heard 9005 With snabdragon
My Friend just Bought 9005 With Snabdragon , he told Me his snabdragon is sibilance In midrange

I am very Happy With My Note 3 Exynos 9000


Please update us with your finding, between the 9000 and 9005.
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I know you will think I am crazy, but the headphone sound from my Note 3 ( SM-N900P) is far inferior to my old HTC EVO 4G. It is not just by a little bit.  Anyone could hear it.  If I did not have a Kunlun being shipped to me I would be in a bad place.  I can not understand why this is not being reported more.
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The LG G2 has a 24/192 DAC onboard. It sounds kind of incredible for just a cellphone with no other devices attached. I've tinkered with the demo at work with my Etymotic hf5s and AKG Tiesto K67s. Nothing too high brow obviously but I was still impressed.

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