Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (24-bit/192KHz)
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- CD to FLAC conversion (best possible case on your device)  will output at 2 channels, 16bit, 44KHz
So your "chain" will be:
- FLAC @ 16bit/44kHz ----> Note 3 with 24bit/192kHz capabilities, however as the source is set at 16bit/44kHz ----> You are listening at 16bit/44kHz !!!

Hi mate I have flac at 24 bit 96 khz by hd tracks, by linn records and other online music store, what are you talking about????
I don't use the cd conversion that is clearly at 16 bit....
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Hey all,
Thanks for the replies.
While I agree that audio can vary from person to person I guess I was just after a vague idea of how it sounds. Warm, dark, bright. Power out put etc.
I can't take my portable amp and alpha dogs with my laptop to tender music to a demo phone at a Telstra shop.
As it turns out I am probably going to get it as I need a new phone regardless :)
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Got the note 3, sound fantastic with tralucent 1p2, I would say I prefer note 3 sound over s4. They are as good as my itouch if not better. I don't see the need for an amp at this point as I would like to go light..

Take this as 3 grain of salt for now as I have not sit down for critical listening yet.. Just initial testing.
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  1. deAr turokrocks, dO u confirm thAt snApdragon versiOn is bEtter than exynos in output SQ? and hOw much different betweEn them?? (as i sAid, quAlcomm vErsion is mOre expensive by fAr)
  3. + my IEM: Akg k370

I only have the exynos version, and never tested the snapdragon version.
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Note 3, exynos working perfect with DACport LX (no UARP required)

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