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Samson RH600 vs Grado SR-80i vs Audio Technica ATH-AD700

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by yezz12, Sep 1, 2012.
  1. yezz12
    Hello, i'm new here. After reading some guides, i've found out about these 3 headphones, but i can't decide which one to buy. Help appreciated.
    Samson RH600, 50 euro
    Grado SR-80i, 66 euro
    Audio Technica ATH-AD700, 100 euro
    I listen to rock/metal. Flac audio.
    I play Quake Live a lot, sometimes CS 1.6.
    roughly 60% music and 40% gaming
    Now, i've been told that the RH600 is great for gaming and rock.
    People at Head-Fi say that the Grado is the best thing ever for rock/metal, but are bad for gaming. How much do they differ from each other for music?
    The AD700s are beloved here. Excellent for gaming. How do they sound for rock/metal for the price?
  2. egosumlux
    If you want to use a headphone to play games you should looks for sound positional references in each headphone review. Instrument separation could be a good clue as well as soundstage depth and height (the so-called 3D effect) however some mp3 players will not show a 3D presentation such as Cirrus Logic equipped Ipods.
  3. egosumlux
    I have the RH 600. Please PM to remind me to test it for positional cues
  4. GREQ
    First of all I want to know where you get the SR80i for 66 euros! (which are normally around 135 euros in the EU or $99 US (75 euros))
    Grados aren't so great for gaming. The sound is spectacular, but the last thing you need in a gaming session is discomfort, or in some cases, pain. 
    Also they don't have a very expansive sound stage, which also isn't good for gaming.
    Having said that, I have done a fair amount of gaming with my RS2i's and didn't really notice the discomfort because I'm so involved in the game.

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