Samson Resolv A6 or MicroLab SOLO6C (for multimedia use)
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Mar 30, 2011
So after doing a lot of research the past 3 days, I've boiled down my options to these two, which cost the same (the Samson used and the MicroLab new):
Samson Resolv A6
MicroLab SOLO6C
I'll be listening to lots of music, and I'll watch a movie once a week or two. I currently use a pair of Creative T20 speakers. They're really nice for music, but the bass is lacking depth and power. It's like a certain dimension of certain songs just isn't there. In movies, the problem is even worse, for example gunfire sounds almost powerless. I realize a subwoofer would very much help here, but I'd also like to improve the sound quality regardless of bass, which is why I'm sticking to 2.0 for now.
The SOLO6C have many good reviews, but the Samson barely got any reviews or mentions in forums. The Samson are active (vs powered), which means that I'll be able to add a subwoofer in the future if needed.
Please help me decide. On Tuesday I'll be able to listen to some favorite tracks of mine on the Samson speakers, because they're used so it's possible to test them before buying. Can't do that with the 6C, though, since they're new from a store and they don't allow listening to them or returning them unless they're defective.
Thank you.

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