SALE PENDING: Ultimate Ears 5 Pro - like new black with clear/silver cable
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Aug 18, 2007
I bought some red 5 Pro for my 14 year old kid last November, and she broke them on a trip to Germany in March. UE replaced them around the end of April, at no cost under warrantee, but red was discontinued so we got black ones with clear/silver cable. In the meantime she found other earphones to use, so these are for sale. These have at the most about 5 hours on them so far.

This sale includes EVERYTHING except the 1/4" adapter - so you get:

1. Black 5 Pro with clear/silver cable,
2. the original box for these,
3. the metal IEM carry case,
4. all of the new un-used tips,
5. the cleaner tool,
6. airline attenuator,
7. a printout of the email showing that the originals shipped to me on 11/13/07 so they still have more warrantee left.

I tested them with a pair of Complys T400 foam tips that I took from my Denon C700, so all the included UE tips are new and untouched. I can include that pair of used Complys if you wish.

I also have a spare Westone ES cable that I am willing to sell separately ONLY if the buyer does not want to buy the Westone cable with the 5 Pros. I bought the cable in April for $42.37 shipped, and can include a copy of the receipt. I tested it briefly and it is an improvement in filling out the mids.

I would take $150 shipping to CONUS included, WITH the Westone cable included.
I would take $120 shipped to CONUS without the Westone Cable.
I would take $30 shipped to CONUS for the Westone cable IF it doesn't sell with the 5 Pro.

No paypal fees, and I can take paypal with credit card. I will ship to Hawaii/Alaska or international to a confirmed verified paypal account, if you pay for the postage (-) $10 credit towards shipping. You can check postage estimates for priority international mail yourself at USPS - The United States Postal Service (U.S. Postal Service) (shipping from Colorado USA 80906)

It looks like all the other out there, but I can take photos and post them if not sold by tomorrow afternoon.

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