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Sale or Trade: Headphones/IEMs & More - UK/EU

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by swmkdr, Aug 7, 2017.
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  1. swmkdr
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    Time to trade/sell a bunch of my stuff again as it is starting to fill up my drawers and shelves. I will consider trades of comparable value - I have nothing specific in mind at the moment so feel free to suggest things.

    All prices include PayPal fees and shipping within the UK, shipping costs elsewhere PM me. I'll upload pics as they are requested since I have listed so many items. Obviously if you buy more than one thing I can offer discounts.


    Fostex THX00 Purpleheart - Boxed - £300

    Very good condition, boxed. Some signs of use but no scratches etc. These are my main closed pair currently and were bought on eBay around 6 months ago so I am at least the 2nd owner.

    Beats Solo3 Wireless - Matte Black - £100

    Boxed, everything included. These, as many people have noted, are a significant step up for Beats headphones and especially useful if you have Apple phones, laptops etc. as the W1 chip does a great job at switching devices quickly and hassle-free. I own many better sounding pairs than this but these ended up being used way more often just for convenience. Bought February 2017 direct from Amazon - can include receipt if wanted.

    AKG K7XX Massdrop Edition - Black - SOLD

    Unboxed, good condition. Also bought (used) on eBay around November 2016. I honestly forgot I still owned these, they showed up when I was emptying out a drawer, so have therefore seen very little use from me. They are number 007645 for anyone interested

    AKG K712 - Boxed - £145

    These are boxed with recently replaced pads. The clear plastic on the inside of the headband has cracked though. Any AKG owners will say this is a very common problem and doesn't actually matter really - it's largely cosmetic. These slightly edge out the K7XX for me as they are great with the Sonarworks plugin and calibration.

    Presonus HD7 (Superlux HD668B clones) - £12.50

    Unboxed. Bought on Amazon a month ago to try out on a whim. Have replaced the pads with AKG K240 velour pads. Very good sounding combined with the Sonarworks Plugin. If you buy something else from me and want these I'll throw them in for free.

    Sony V6

    Enough has been written about these without my input - boxed and like new condition, except the stickers on the cups saying 'for digital' have been removed.

    IEMs and Earbuds

    Apple AirPods - £100

    They sound just like EarPods but they are so convenient you find yourself using them more than much more 'hi-fi' equipment. Boxed with everything as new and Amazon receipt, case has a few small scratches thanks to Apple's persistence with glossy white plastic.

    Etymotic HF5 - Black - £55

    Boxed in excellent condition with carry case, tips.

    Trinity Audio Phantom Master 6 - Gunmetal - £135

    Boxed with everything included. I bought these at the preorder price and received them a month or two ago. By that point I had purchased several other IEMs and these were rarely used, so am selling at below my preorder price of £175, which I think is fair considering they are now sold out.

    Trinity Audio Master - £55

    Same as above pretty much - purchased these at a low price so selling for the same due to lack of use. Includes all filters, tips, cables and accessories but is unboxed.

    MusicMaker Shockwave III (1DD+4BA) - non-detachable cable version - SOLD

    Received these in a trade. Too much bass for my preferences. Carry case and tips included.

    TY Hi-Z HP-400 Earbuds - £25

    I received these in the same trade as the Shockwaves I believe. As anyone who has bought earbuds knows accessories are sparse so will include a carry case and foams.

    Edimun Red Demon Earbuds V3 - Rhodium - £40

    great earbuds, these have substantial bass which is less common with earbuds. Earbuds only with foams

    VE Zen 2.0 Earbuds - 3.5mm - £85

    Hugely impressive earbuds, they were great enough to convince me that earbuds could compete with IEMs. I have since bought Rose Mojito earbuds which I prefer so no longer use these. Included is a bad of rubber rings, foams and a plastic 'pelican' style case.

    Sony MDR-7550 Earphones - SOLD

    These are very similar to my all-time favourite earphone (Sony EX1000) with a little less treble, which some people prefer. Unboxed with carry case and tips. This is the UK version which does not have the thicker japanese cable but this is available to purchase on eBay. (I am reluctant to sell these so I may take these off if many other items sell first)

    AAW Q In-Canal Monitor - £55

    Possible the smallest earphones ever? Can't verify that myself but they are insanely small - essentially all of the earphone driver, shell etc is under the silicon tip! They sound good too - not great but they compete at their price point and are worth it for their comfort and weight. Bought these on eBay too around 3 months ago after reading the Headfonia review. They are boxed and include all accessories.

    Other Stuff...

    Bang & Olufsen B&O A1 Bluetooth speaker (Silver) - £75

    This has served me well on my travels and can get remarkably loud with good battery life, however I find myself using it less and less.

    Walnut DAP V2 - £20

    Lots of info about this on Head-Fi so won't go into detail. Unboxed with USB cable.

    Zishan Z1 DSD DAP - £25

    As above, except can play DSD and works as a USB DAC for your computer. Unboxed with USB cable.

    Shanling M1 DAP - SOLD

    Player only, no box etc. But in great working condition and minimal signs of use.

    LHLabs Geek Out DAC IEM100 - SOLD

    Unboxed but fully working.

    FiiO K5 Dock and Headphone Amplifier - £45

    Fairly powerful amp (around 1.5w into 32ohms apparently) as well as a dock for FiiO DAPs and DACs. Includes power supply, USB cable and RCA cable.
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