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Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) in Japan

Discussion in 'Currawong' started by currawong, Apr 5, 2012.
  1. Currawong Contributor
    Every year in April (and early May further up north) Japanese people get about 10 days where the Sakura trees are in blossom. As many parks have these trees and the weather is good (if a bit cool), we get one or two weekends ideal for a picnic with an overhead ceiling of pink flowers. As the beginning of the financial, school and business year, this is also somewhat symbolic.
    I enjoy trying to capture the feeling of nature and parks and am particularly happy with my results this year using my Nikon D7000 and 35mm or 18-200mm lenses. This year I went to a local park in the middle of a weekday. The park itself surrounds a large pond and has a wide path along which many trees are planted, which can be spectacular to walk through.
    I've also posted Windows and Mac desktop (wallpaper) versions of one image. Enjoy.
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  2. Sil3nce Moderator
    Wow, just beautiful !
    Your photography is quite good as well.
    For some reason I find the 1st and 4th pictures extremely nostalgic and wistful, if only they had these in the parks here.
  3. Snoopy Ears
    Hi Currawong!  You really brought back some memories to me.  I taught English for a total of 6 years in Akita and Niigata prefectures.  Having excellent food, sake and beers outdoor under some beautiful trees is so refreshing.  I really envy you.
  4. Currawong Contributor
    Reminds me that I'm due to take this year's photos soon. The blossoms are just starting to bloom. 
  5. Snoopy Ears
    Cool. Can't wait to see them.
  6. MorbidToaster
    Jealousy abound.
  7. lightningfarron
    wow thats a really beutiful scenery.
  8. wink
    Reminds me of the Japanese Gardens in Cowra.....
  9. jjinh
    Looking forward to seeing them; was planning to visit Japan this April but too busy to leave...
    There's a small Japanese garden in Auburn which is considerably closer to us... you probably know that.
    Not a Japanese garden, but Wisteria Gardens at the northern edge of Parra Park has quite a few cherry blossoms among other things and is quite nice during the last two weeks of September.
  10. wink
    Haven't been there, but have been to the botanic park in Auburn.
    They also have a Japanese garden there...
  11. Currawong Contributor
    I never knew about those gardens in Cowra. Most of the scenic places in Japan have been concreted over -- 90% of the shore line has. 
  12. wink
  13. iAmCalm
    In Philadelphia we're not too shabby in the Sakura department:
    Currawong -
    I'll probably be in **** around June for our annual visit with the in-laws.
    Meet at Ichiran, perhaps?
  14. moriez
    Can almost smell the flowers. Breathe-in, breathe-out. Aaah..
    Thanks for putting this up.
  15. Currawong Contributor
    Been a while since I've posted hanami pictures. Here are this year's.

    Hanami-D75_6549_.jpg Hanami-D75_6545_.jpg Hanami-D75_6544_.jpg Hanami-D75_6542_.jpg Hanami-D75_6534_.jpg Hanami-D75_6533_.jpg Hanami-D75_6529_.jpg Hanami-D75_6525_.jpg Hanami-D75_6522_.jpg Hanami-D75_6521_.jpg Hanami-D75_6519_.jpg Hanami-D75_6518_.jpg Hanami-D75_6517_.jpg Hanami-D75_6516_.jpg Hanami-D75_6514_.jpg Hanami-D75_6513_.jpg Hanami-D75_6508_.jpg Hanami-D75_6504_.jpg Hanami-D75_6501_.jpg Hanami-D75_6496_.jpg Hanami-D75_6495_.jpg Hanami-D75_6489_.jpg Hanami-D75_6484_.jpg
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