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SACD and HDCD are marketing gimmicks?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by akart, Dec 13, 2010.
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  1. Headdie
    You can play them in Foobar2k, so...
  2. leeperry
  3. Mad Max

    I use that application myself.
    Super simple and easy to use.
  4. tme110
    Can you do the same thing with BD?
  5. leeperry
  6. tme110
    wow, thanks. I had no idea - I might as well return my OPPO!
  7. wnmnkh Contributor


    You have been living under the rock it seems.....
    Even watermark has beeen defeated as far as I know for DVD-A side. But as popularity DVD-A and/or SACD is extremely low, no one really cares at this point.
  8. Skylab Contributor

    Life is pretty nice here under my rock. How is it over there under your bridge?
  9. Antony6555
    yeah it's a marketing gimmick. sure better masters come out on sacd, but if sacd didn't exist, maybe they would just make "audiophile-edition" redbooks with superior mastering? of course, that's all speculation, but at least they can't sound worse than regular cds (you can't say that about other audiophile obsessions like vinyl)
  10. leeperry
    While we're at it, you can also rip the SACD DSD layer digitally:
    1) DSD internally converted to a 24bit/96KHz PCM stream by the Oppo DV-980H player
    2) The PCM stream is conveyed into a high-quality HDMI 1.3 cable
    3) The HDMI is connected to an Octava 1x2 HDMI Distribution Amp with Toslink Out
    4) The PCM stream is splitted into a toslink cable
    5) The toslink cable is connected to a M-Audio Transit USB adapter
    6) The PCM stream is captured by Cockos Reaper 3.1x using the M-Audio ASIO drivers.
    7) Final track splitting (no other editing is involved) is done in Reaper.
    SQ is pretty darn sweet...you get the superior SACD mastering, and no nasty DAC/ADC additional stages.
  11. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Thanks, leeperry. Suppose I'll have to buy a few more pieces of hardware, but I'd love to get 24/96 off my SACDs. I'd really like to rip my collection and serve it all to a DAC. Now that Apple is going to support 24 bit in iTunes, it would be great to have a server with my iPad as a big remote. I've been planning on this, but figured I'd have to keep a SACD player in the rig and change discs for hi-rez. But if I can put my physical media in storage, that would be ideal.
  12. melomaniac Contributor
    just turned down a chip maker's demo/spec HD-DVD and BluRay player because one format is obsolete and the other not quite in my house yet.
    I feel the same about SACD and HDCD. I do have a couple Oppo spinners that can do SACD, and I have a handful SACDs. nice but I get better sound from hi-rez downloads.
    as Uncle Erik says, the right thing would be to rip these and serve them to a DAC (while now the Oppo outputs SACD only to the analog outputs).
    as for the search for a marketing-free zone in technology: good luck!
  13. leeperry
    actually, you can rip 1:1 SACD now and extract the untouched DSD files w/ a PS3 now: http://code.google.com/p/sacd-ripper/source/browse/trunk/readme
    a lot of headaches ahead, but technically it's entirely doable ^^
  14. Prog Rock Man
    I have read that there was a flaw with the original AES test. The SACD used was remixed from a CD, as opposed to being created as a SACD. I may not have the right jargon.
    I also don't know how much of a flaw that is.
    Does anyone have access to the actual paper to check?
  15. Albedo
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