Sabaj DA3 balanced output diagram
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Nov 18, 2018

Would like to make a 2.5 TRRS to double XLR cable for my Sabaj Da3 on the balanced output.

No information in the package of the DAC, nor on the website.

Is someone here, who knows the diagram of the balanced output???


Thank you?
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I wish they would too, trial and error when making cables is one thing but to be buying them knowing that there is about 4 different ways 2.5mm connectors are set up could be an expensive mistake.

I think the one above is the most used, but its all down to the source of the sound. Sony has a different layout to Astell and Kern and so forth. Since i make my own cables, its no big issue to "fix" but this isn't the right way to do things.
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Sony is Japanese.

Astel and Kern, don’t know, but it seems that when we buy some balanced stuffs (DAC, ampli cables ou so on...) from China,
it seems that they follow the same norm...
The up mentioned Astel and Kern’s R-R+L+L- order...

Buying a balanced cable for earbuds on AliExpress, it worked on my Fiio, but on my Sabaj too.
Which makes me assume that it is the same pins mapping. (Regardless that switching would probably have no effect ... so it would be a possible case )

However, we still still don’t know if these Chinese makers use a common protocol....
perhaps they have, and we simply just don’t know the existence...
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Just found out the Takstar uses a different order than other Chi-fi out there...
Usually R- R+ L+ L- (or often seen with Chinese :L3000:),
On the Takstar PRO 82, the 2.5mm balanced jack is cabled L+ R+ L- R-

it’s really case-by-case
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Yes yes :L3000:

Finally I got the official confirmation from Sabaj. :ksc75smile:


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