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Sabaj D5: the DAC that is unquestionably a digital to analog converter

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by Dadbeh, Apr 6, 2019.
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  1. Researcher
    Fixed the issue! 1) connect D5 to Macbook, 2) do not play anything, go immediately to AudioMIDI 3) choose 768khz from the dropdown menu 4) shut down D5 and macbook 5) restart them.
  2. Dadbeh
    how do you like the sound? what other DAC/headamps did you compare with and with which headphones?
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  3. Researcher
    So far so good! It is currently in burn-in period. I like the sound signature of D5. BTW, i rely on its amp section and pair with ether c flow. I believe its xlr output with a good amp like thx 789 might sound so well matching with any well know dap/dac at 500-1000 usd as its tech spec shows better results on xlr output. It is really good piece of engineering.

    I will prepare a thorough review, if i spare time.
  4. PolloLoco
    So you didn't have any impedance issues like hissing or distortion? I'm shocked. Pleasantly so, because I love mine.

    In the last couple weeks I started using the remote, and it makes the D5 far easier to use.
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  5. Researcher
    No distortion at all; but i noticed my highs gone half, due to the unmatched impedance.
    I can underline it is Still nice product ! Like i said, i am burning it in. I listen only for an hour in total and left it. The dap plays on its own for a while.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
  6. lavardin
    Is it better than internal Node DAC?

    And, can you describe how does it sound compared to the Node2 DAC, or what is its general sound signature?
  7. sandman2575
    Funny you mention that because I wrote a post earlier today touching on just this: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/...nts-of-bluesound-node-2i-streamer.6631/page-4 . The most relevant part to your question,

    "I do think the solution to getting very good audio from the Node 2i is to output via digital coax to a better DAC, as others have suggested.

    I have the Node connected this way to a Sabaj D5...which features a new ESS 9038PRO DAC chip. All I can say is, it sounds great, both through my speakers and with my LCD-X cans. My setup is very modest indeed by audiophile standards: Node 2i -(coax)-> Sabaj D5 -(RCA)-> Yamaha A-S301 --> Polk TSi300s. Streaming Qobuz Hi-Res over the Node 2i (ethernet connection to modem) with this setup sounds excellent."

    So yes, I do think the sound from the Sabaj D5's ESS DAC is superior to the mystery DAC chip in the Node 2i. I listen to mostly Classical/Opera, so ymmv, but I found the Node 2i's analog output to be a bit harsh / strident esp. w/ strings, woodwinds. The D5 overall sounds warmer, less bright. It's not to me a night and day difference, but it's definitely detectable and I wouldn't want to go back to using the Node 2i's DAC after using the D5's.
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  8. lavardin
    Thanks a lot for your prompt and detailed answer. I am really curious of Sabah now, as already Node2 has opinion of a very good DAC. Will have to listen someday definitely.
  9. Dadbeh
    That dark day has unfortunately arrived. To have my seal of approval on a product that zeos also approves is the shame that I brought to my family :frowning2:

    But here we are this hunk of garbage person also likes d5

  10. wushuliu
    Lol. I agree 100%. Anytime that guy likes something that I like as well I feel icky and want to take a shower.
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  11. Researcher
    The problem regarding this review is Zoes does not attempt to give an opinion on XLR outputs at the back. I believe the most satisfying part of this heavy black box is balanced outputs to amp, as the pair of 3pin outputs offers better SNR, THD and output impedance than 4-pin output does

    I had hoped to have seen a combo including THX 789 and D5.
  12. wushuliu
    The problem with his review - all of his reviews - are the scantily clad pre-teens on a grown man's monitor. His reviews are rarely informative IMO.

    At any rate, glad to see there is a decent ES9038Pro Dac at a reasonable price out there.
  13. Baten
    You mean the drawn, fictional ones right? The way you put it makes it even worse lol
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  14. Researcher
    The quality of his reviews somehow gets worse. I believe he encourages people to join patreon. What is his point not mentioning even a single word for the output xlr (DAC) of D5? Ridiculous
  15. wushuliu
    Oh you're right, I meant a grown man with drawn cartoony scantily clad pre-teens in suggestive poses. That doesn't sound as bad at all!
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