Saba H200 sextett
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Jul 11, 2014
Found two pairs of headphones at a flea market today. One is Steelseries Siberia V2 (CS:GO NAVI Edition) and the other are Saba H200. Paid $10 for Siberias and $5 for Saba, mint in box. The Siberias are the second pair I've found there and while they're not terrible, they're also nothing  to write home about, typical V shape EQ gaming headset, a friend of mine will probably want them. The Saba, however, are an interesting breed of beast. First thing I noticed when I tried them with my phone is that they work but are VERY quiet. Probably high impedance. Then I got home and connected them to my laptop and holy crap, they're still not very loud but oh my god they sound amazing. Very detailed, punchy fast bass, very very clean and lush mids. Amazing, just amazing. And the best thing is, after reading about them, it turns out that they're probably manufactured by AKG for Saba and based on the K240. Wait, could it be... I check under the driver grill and holy *** they are sextets! Wow, never thought I'd find a pair. They sound similar to my K142HDs but play a bit lower and the highs are slightly more forward. Not harsh, tho, just very detailed. They sound like a home-audio-ish version of the K142HD, which are studio monitors.
What are your thoughts on these? Did I do good? :)
Also, how do I open them? I need to fix the cable, the insulation is broken near the headphone, I need to cut off the end and pull it back inside.

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