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S:flo2 impressions thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by scootermafia, Dec 15, 2009.
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  1. s1rrah
    LOL @ the thread revival ... :wink: 
    But man ... best player I ever owned ... like a Unicorn(tm) really ... and all for about $140 back in the day ...
    How is the batter life on it?  Must be pretty low at this point ... 
    Enjoy it, though ...
  2. Coop
    Still have mine too... In working condition, but the battery isn't what it used to be. Still have the box and some leather cases for it too.
    Maybe I should sell it, I used it once in a while when I had my 1st gen Fiio X3 as my main player. But now that role has been taken over by an AK70, the S:Flo2 hasn't seen any use anymore...
  3. razzer001 Contributor
    Who's to say there won't be a resurrection (and updated)
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  4. s1rrah
    I've often asked about and hoped for a new S:flo version ... would buy it immediately as long as it continued the nice features of the first, especially the excellent dual DAC implementation ...
  5. Riolist2
    I'm still waiting for mine to be delivered...
    LOL j/k. Pioneering  dap for sure, started the modern trend. Still have my 16GB in pristine condition, great sound but buggy in track ordering.
  6. sargaso
    I agree track ordering is bad but you can at least arrange your music on sflo2 in alphabetical order using DriveSort.  You can get it here-
  7. Bananiq
    this things still works? :D I miss mine tho :frowning2:
  8. Riolist2
    Mine still works like new, which isn't saying much due to the buggy firmware. I can't vouch for the battery life since I don't listen to it much, but to me the Xduoo X3 sounds as good or better and with Rockbox the firmware is orders of magnitude better.
  9. Migou67
    Agree with you Riolist, the Xduoo X3 is a really good replacement for my beloved S:Flo2, for me the sound is better and with the Rockbox firmware it's just awesome !
  10. Riolist2
    Yup there are some differences, for example, I think the soundstage of the S:flo2 is slightly wider, but the bass extension and detail is better on the X3.  Overall they're pretty close soundwise, and Rockbox leaves the S:flo2 for dead.
  11. Migou67
    Yes and I don't miss also the analog potentiometer of the volume that took dust [​IMG]
  12. Kiden
    Hello friends. Sorry for possible necroposting. I'm looking for differently themed 2.30 firmware for s flo 2. If someone happened to still have it, could you please share the links to it? Would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
  13. sargaso
    I have v2.3 Black and Blue themed firmware from the Teclast T51 which is different than the Pure and Simple themed version from Nationite. The Teclast T51 is the same device as the sflo2 and uses the same firmware. Also have the firmware load tool with USB drivers, both of which you will need. Here is the link for the instructions on using the load tool and installing firmware. http://www.nationiteplayers.com/sflo2Instuctions.htm#info
    Pay attention to the compatibility section, the load process only works good on Win XP, most others are questionable. I never used anything but XP with the Sflo2 and never had a problem.
    I don't know of any shared memory space with any of the firmware. The firmware file (178,177KB) is too large to email, so using 7zip software I compress the firmware file into a rar file and then split the rar file into about 20MB chunks that can be emailed. After receiving all the split files you can use 7zip to combine them back into the rar file and decompress the rar file back into the original file ( TL-T51.img). The process is actually very simple.
    If you want these files send me a private message with your email address and I will start sending the files. It's only about 4 files total. I have done this for other folks and it worked for them.
    I also have some pictures of the Black and Blue theme which I can email to you if you want to see what it looks like first.
  14. Kiden
    Sargaso, thanks a lot. Do I understand correctly that it's stock t51 firmware you' mentioned?
    I guess I have one, and it works flawlessly, even faster than 2.20 for s Flo 2. And I actually prefer the sound more than other firmwares.
    I found all the firmwares for t51/s Flo 2 on mydrivers site, but s flo's 2.30 wasn't there...
    I just heard that simple and pure firmware is cleared from unnecessary functions and thought it could be faster of some sort.
  15. sargaso
    I can't remember if the Black and Blue themed firmware was from Teclast or some private programmer developed it, I just know I liked it a lot better than the stock pure and simple Nationite firmware.
    I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say "I guess I have one" One sflo2, one T51 or stock T51 frmware or ??
    I have v2.3 pure and simple firmware and v2.3 black and blue themed firmeware, I don't know if the v2.3 pure and simple firmware I have is cleared from unnecessary functions or not but you can have it you want.
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