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RWAK100-S review - a highend audio player

Discussion in 'Sasaki' started by sasaki, Aug 19, 2013.
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  1. robm321
    ^ Me too. Already have the AK100, so I'm thinking of sending it in to get the S version.
  2. py61
    What amp do you use with RWAK100-S?
    I focused on 2 models,
    1) UHA-6S mk ii 
    2) JDS Labs C5
    All I need is small and long life amp. Price range 350$ max.
  3. tglove
    hey folks,
    just got myself an RWAK100-S and wondering if anyone can tell me more about amps to drive some IEMs (Stagediver SD2 and Dunu DN-1000) and that cost less than US$400 to pair with it for good synergy...
    as the OP pointed out it looks like iQube is a winner and others have mentioned Vorzamp Pure II (although it's over my price range), can anyone suggest others that really bring out the sonic qualities of the RWAK100-S?
  4. Hifi01170
    hi there!
    I have acquired a RWAK100S used recently. Have been using it with an O2 ( ya very portable I know :wink: )...
    am pretty pretty happy with the sound signature but there's seems to be some distortion on bassy tracks.
    Did any RWAK100S face this issue? it is really annoying.... 
  5. Mr Brett
    I have just bought a second hand RWAK100s from the UK.
    It will be a couple of weeks away.
    This will replace my RWA iMod iPod from Vinnie.
    Have been listening with the iMod and a Meier Audio Stepdance amp I got last week.
    Finding little things in my music I hadn't heard before.
    Awesome to listen while driving!
    So, have bought a Triad Audio L3 this week.
    Wondering what small steps up this will do.
    And then pair it with the RWAK100s?
    Haven't even begun to think about Hi Res music...
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