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Rupert Neve Designs Announces The RNHP: Precision Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by bizkid, Apr 7, 2016.
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  1. Andrew Rieger

    I'm struggling with the same dilemma myself. Hope someone here eventually gets around to doing a side by side. 
  2. nick n
  3. hifimckinney
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  4. Mediahound
    Does anyone else find it a bit strange that this amp has both balanced and single-ended inputs but no balanced headphone output?
  5. Andrew Rieger

    I don't think balanced headphones are used too often in a studio environment but I could be completely wrong. Aren't Sony 7506's and Beyerdynamic's the studio headphone of choice? Other than the 2nd Gen T1, I don't think Beyer even makes other balanced headphones. This amp does seem to have been made with studio monitoring in mind rather than home use. 
  6. hifimckinney
    I got both today side by side and I liked the RNHP. Very neutral, true to the source. The word 'PRECISION' is very right for this amplifier.
    There is nothing that I did not like in Jotunheim just that for my taste, RNHP was better. I tested them with HE560 and HD650. Jotunheim is powerful but RNHP had sufficient power to drive these.
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  7. Edric Li
    Could you please elaborate more on their difference?
  8. hifimckinney
    That is a difficult task because my vocabulary is limited and I do not want to do something that will hurt Jotunheim fans. Joti is clean but RNHP is cleaner. Size of intruments are more precise because Joti seems to be doing something that beings everything on the same plane whereas RNHP places the instruments, voices and reverberations precisely in a true three-dimensional sound stage. In fact with RNHP, you can say that you are listening to NO EQUIPMENT. Not sure it this helped :frowning2:.
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  9. Pacifica
    Just ordered one, can't wait to compare it to my Lyr 2 using my Nighthawks!
  10. NewEinstein
    I had a friend listening to the Schiit Jotunheim and the RNHP at CanJam in Denver last weekend using the same headphones (Audeze LCD-XC) and he clearly preferred the RNHP. I only had a quick listen to the Jot - and that with a headphone I am not used to - so I cant say much about it. But it did not really convince me.
  11. Andrew Rieger
    Any thoughts on a linear power supply for this unit? I sort of hate wall warts. 
  12. NewEinstein

    I was thinking about it as well. But so far I am hesitant (especially as long as I have warranty on the amp)

    Would be nice to hear impressions if some tried it.
  13. SoundArtillery
    This amp is spectacular.  I purchased it for my Noble K10s and I was shocked by the added detail, bass, instrument separation that was not there with my Chord Mojo amp alone.  Honestly, best audio purchase in a long while.
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  14. Muinarc
    A friend has this amp and said it was too noisy to use with sensitive CIEMs. Do you notice this?
  15. SoundArtillery
    Is he using the stock power supply?  I tried my LH Labs Geek LPS for power and it was noisy.  The stock power supply is dead silent with Noble K10, AAW W500 and Shure SE535.  The only time I hear hiss is when I turn the volume to near max without any music playing.  Of course when I'm actually playing music, the knob is no more than 3 or 4 on the 0 to 11 scale.  I suspect your friend's setup may be causing the issue.  Perhaps he's using a computer and doesn't have the volume settings bypassed or properly set.
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