Rugged wireless headphones & a clip on mic
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New Head-Fier
Apr 24, 2015
Hello folks,
After years of buying overpriced flimsy GAMERHYPERNEONLOOKATMEs that constantly break and attempt to fix poor audio quality with overblown EQs and fake surround sound, I am ready to move on to better products.  I work at home, use a standing desk, and move around quite a bit so wireless would be ideal as hardwired receivers seem to be the first point of failure on wired sets.  I also wear them almost every day for most of the day so build quality is paramount.
I'm looking at a pair of Sennheiser RS 160s, but I'll need a good wireless clipon mic to compliment them.  They're $116 on Amazon now which is a great price point.  No looking to spend more than $150.
Is there a better choice out there than the 160s?  And what's a decent wireless clipon?  The mic doesn't need to be high end, just a sturdy and reliable beater.
I'm so sick of the desktop PC headset racket.  Its hard to find options that are built well.

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