Rugged Key-Ring Container for Ear-Buds
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May 27, 2013
1) My main question: Please give me some good suggestions for a strong, small, light container to hold ear-buds. (By ear-buds I mean those small headphones that you stick in your ear.) They wouldn't go in and out of the container frequently.
Hopefully it would be possible to keep such a container on a key-ring, inside a large pocket.
2) Are there ear-buds that don't have wires? Are they OK? 
3) If your phone doesn't come with ear-buds, what would be a good set to get? Budget would be about $100. A bit more, if there is a big leap in quality. These would be used for telephone calls, watching movies and perhaps some music. If it helps, I would appreciate a good bass, but it is not a high priority. The most important features I would like are strength and being good against the elements.
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