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RSA "The Intruder" or ALO "The International" or "Other" ???

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by paul graham, Nov 24, 2013.
  1. Paul Graham
    Good Evening Folks...
    I have a decision to make and would like some help.
    We're moving in 6 weeks and getting married in 3 weeks, I already owe money still to a good friend on here so my budget once 
    everyone and everything is payed off is going to be very slim. ( Some time in the new year. )
    I need a Balanced USB DAC & Amp combo. 
    This will be doubling up on Desktop & Portable duties to save money. 
    Source - iMac running Audirvana Pro.
    Cans - Sony MDR SA5000, Beyer Hybrids ( 320 ohms iirc ) , Sennheiser HD25 1 II, and Eventually some Hifiman HE500's. ( All balanced or will be )
    Monitors - Fostex PM04n 
    Now so far Ive looked at the RSA Intruder and the ALO International as they're both DAC's, Have fully balanced in and out and as far as I can see are capable of driving harder to drive headphones.
    The RSA is my absolute limit as far as cost goes.
    Any help would be much appreciated thank you folks!!!
    p.s. If any of my friends have one I can audition for a short while, I would be forever in your dept.
    Many thanks, Paul :)
  2. rudi0504
    Hi Paul

    Congrats for your wedding in 3 weeks time

    The Intruder

    Dac section : is limited only to 16 bit / 44 KHz

    If your source is your mac only , than you must take the risk of Intruder limitation dac

    Amp section : is excellent , has better SQ than the International

    Power wise : Alo international has slightly bigger power

    Alo International

    Dac section : is better than Intruder can play to 24 / 96 KHz
    This is plus point with your IMAC as source

    Amp section : is very good SQ but a bit harsh

    Power section : slightly bigger than intruder

    These two amps have NO hiss

    I hope this help you

  3. Paul Graham
    Thank you Rudi. You're always a good help :)
    When you say the ALO's sound is more harsh.
    In what way mate?
  4. rudi0504
    Hi Paul

    You are welcome

    International SQ is a bit harsh and the Intruder SQ is smooth

    International power is bigger than Intruder

    International :
    High : is not so clean and clear like the intruder

    Mid : if you A B Ing , you can tell the midrange is not so natural than intruder

    Bass : more impact and faster speed than intruder , but intruder more refine

    Soundstage : International is mire depth , intruder has wider soundstage

    Pair with LCD 2 with international. Has better synergy than intruder

    For pair with TH 900 intruder is better than international

    Nobody is perfect in audio world

  5. Paul Graham
    Ive decided on the intruder.
    However, Does anyone know if I can connect my iPhone 5 using the CCK without the need for the SOLO???
  6. Levanter
    Anyone tried ADL X1? Was wondering how it compares with International and RSA?
  7. Mooses9

    Nice comparison to me it sounds like the intruder is the better of the 2. But I guess that depends on what you are looking for.

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