RSA Hornet M vs. XP-7 for Grados?
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Feb 16, 2007
I have always hated Grados.

Now that the introduction is out of the way, I am about to buy a pair of SR-225 just for the experience. I have a Hornet M already, and my source is an Apogee Duet. I want to keep using the Duet's headphone amp for my DT770/80 Pro and possibly my HD580, but connect an external amp to the Duet's line outputs for use with the Grados as well as my ER-4S. With a simple click of the Duet's control knob, I can then easily switch between amps and headphones.

My question centers around whether I would be better off using the Hornet in this setup, keeping the gain set to low, or using an XP-7. I assume the XP-7 is an "obvious" improvement, in general, over the Hornet, but what about specifically with low impedance Grados (and the ER-4S for that matter)?

I know some of you RSA fans out there are fortunate enough to own both the Hornet and XP-7, but have you tested both with the same source and Grados? I would very much appreciate any input on this before I invest money beyond the new headphones.

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Never mind. I've sold the Hornet and will be getting an XP-7, so I'll never know the answer

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