Rs 170 Headphones Popping Connected to computer
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New Head-Fier
Jul 25, 2015

Hi id appreciate any help and suggestions as to what could be the cause of my headphones popping.

Ive just recently built a new gaming computer with a (ASUS Z97 pro wifi) Motherboard.
When i hook up my headphones into the back of the computer there is no sign of any static or unusual noises. (These headphones work fine connected to anything else).

But as soon as i go to play anything - Music / Videos / Games. There is a popping sound which sounds a bit like a Surround sound test Demo. Which seems to travel around the headphone.
Soon as the Audio stops there is no popping or static. Soon as i play its back!

Annoying since i love these headphones!

Any suggestions on what it could me or what might help ? Would a amp help or would that just amplify the noise.


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