Rplacing IEM MMCX plugs on cable. Need Recommendations
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Sep 7, 2013
I have a really nice cable for my Westone W40 IEMs.  It was a cable I purchased here from a fellow head-fier.  I really love the cable.  However recently (yesterday) I put my IEMs on and only had sound in the right ear.  Same thing when I was walking in to work. :mad:  It was easily fixed by light touching to the IEM, but still, I know this kind of thing doesn't just "go away."  It's odd, because if I wiggle the plug in the IEM, or spin the cable, or wiggle the cable, I can't recreate the issue.  I'm not really sure what is going on.  So this morning I was inspecting the MMCX plugs on the IEM cable, and a small piece of the plastic fell off.
Now I don't know if the intermittent sound outage in the right IEM was due to the cable, or the IEM socket.  So here is my question.  Is the MMCX preferred over the two pin plugs?  Who could I send my cable to in order to get new MMCX plugs?  Also I still have my stock Westone cable, which is also MMCX, so I may want to stay MMCX.
The reason I bring it up is that I will be sending my W40s to InEarz in order to be reshelled as custom IEMs.  Now I know they use the dual pin connectors.  So I'm wondering if I should swap my cable to that connection.  Or have InEarz keep the IEMs as MMCX.
I guess the other aspect of my question is if I did stay MMCX, who could I send my cable to in order to have the plugs fixed and redone?
Sorry for the questions, and I hope it was clear.  Below is a pic of my cable, how ever I don't have a pic of where the plastic around the plug is chipped and cracked.  I'm currently at work


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