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Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 - Alex's Beautiful New Baby

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Apr 30, 2019.
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  1. Rosson Audio
    Hopefully in the future we will offer balanced cable as well.
  2. Rosson Audio
    Sorry for the delay but here is the exact spec,

    98db at 1mw
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  3. marcusd
  4. erpguru
    Very intrigued with this new venture of Mr. Rosson..as my daily driver is an LCD-4, any reviews, comparisons, etc, would be very appreciated..
  5. Rosson Audio
    Headphonics is currently reviewing one, they have a unit they and will be doing a thorough review. Also headfier Dobrescu George with Audiophile heaven has a unit and will be doing a review for you guys.

    We are a small shop and our demo/review inventory is minimal. We look forward to getting more units out for review very soon.
  6. Dobrescu George
    So I just heard this headphone, and I gotta say. I was under the assumption that nothing after HE6SE from HIFIMAN would be able to amaze me anymore. Like for real, that one blew me away so much, and for a good price, that I didn't expect the velocity with which RAD-0 hit me, this is a headphone that now I am in love with :)

    So RAD-0 is like the thing you want if you love music. They sound so musical that I have to gather my words to start talking about them.

    This time around, I can't hear the Audeze sound behind. As far as I understand, Rosson's Alex was at some point with Audeze, but RAD-0 has an entirely different sound, something that indicates Rosson knows how to make music. There's nothing about RAD-0 that will make you understand it more than how well it plays with virtually anything. Death Metal? It sounds sweet and musical. Electronic? Sweet and Musical! Pop? You bet it is musical!!

    The thing is, this is a fairly well done headphone as far as its FR or frequency response goes, it isn't overly warm nor overly thick, but it has substance and impact, snappy sounds are snappy, heavy sounds are heavy.

    I'm having fun. RAD-0 is fun.

    I think that I'll be doing comparisons with LCD-4, HE6SE, and probably Crosszone CZ-1. If anyone wants more comparisons, I'm here to add to my list, this headphone desrves it.

    BTW, in a few short words, the comparison to LCD-4 is in favor of RAD-0 when it comes to musicality and how liquid / how well sounds flow. It is quicker, snappier, more impactful and more enjoyable. LCD-4 resolves more details. RAD-0 is more forward and more engaging. LCD-4 has a slightly larger soundstage.

    They are different, I think that RAD-0 is somewhat closer to a very musical and dynamic LCD-MX4 rather than similar to LCD-4. I'd take MX4 for mastering, but I'd take RAD-0 for listening to music and enjoying it.

    The dynamics on RAD-0 are insane tho

    And Oh Boy, does RAD-0 get loud without distortions. Thing is, RAD-0 has absolutely zero distortion, the clarity of its bass is simply insane.


    More testing before my post with more eloquent first impressions, this is just a quick snapshot from my listening today, as I just got the package. Actually, I got it 3-5 days ago, but I let them burn in, slowly, with classical music, progressiuvely increasing volume. I don't really care if anyone believes in burn-in, I'll do it to stay fair to other equipment :)
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  7. XERO1
    That's pretty good for a planar.
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  8. Rosson Audio
    Happy to hear you are enjoying them so far!
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  9. Ciggavelli
    I’m not sure if anybody else has these headphones yet, but if one of you does have a pair, can you give some comparisons?

    Specifically, based on what I own, how does it compare to Audeze LCD-2, Focal Utopia, Fostex th900mk2, Sennheiser HD800, or Abyss Phi 1266 TC?

    Also, what amps and DACs are you all using? I’d be running them through a Chord Hugo TT2.

    The Rossons are priced near Meze Empyreans and ZMF Verites (2 other headphones I’ve had my eye on). I’m big into complicated metal (death, doom, and black). I’ve been told the the ZMFs are the best at metal, but I haven’t been able to try them out. Some say the Rosson cans would be good for rock/metal, which is why they are on my radar
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2019
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  10. Dobrescu George
    I'm using Mytek Brooklyn DAC+. Not exactly TT2, but both are flagship quality.

    I have LCD2C and a friend has both HD800 and Empyrean.

    To be honest, if you like guitars, there is no comparison, The RAD-0 is simply more musical and more just fluid with guitars. I love black as well, like Dimmu and Obscurcis Romancia, maybe a bit of Starkill as well, and the biggest difference you'll hear with RAD-0 vs Empyrean for example, is that Empy is more neutral, has less impact, is wider in the soundstage, but RAD-0 is much more musical, guitars are sweeter, have a sweeter tone, and are much more audible. They sound like freaking guitars. This RAD0 headphone is making me fall in love with music all over again, not just black and death, even pop and everything that has a guitar, it is simply so sweet and musical, I don't really have words for how awesome they are with playing guitars.

    If you were into large soundstages, HD800 is much larger, think RAD-0 as being more forward, they aren't intimate, but they're forward, which is why they work so well with metal, rock and guitars in general.

    LCD2C is much darker than RAD-0, and much much more dry, which doesn't work particularly well unless you apply EQ from Roon to LCD-2C.

    In terms of resolution and detail, RAD-0 is up there with Empy and other flagships. Detail isn't necessarily the thing though, it is the detail in the midrange, you will hear voices and guitars much more clear and with better more natural tone, but without having all of it in your face, the midrange isn't that much more forward compared to Empy, but the way details are presented is much more crisp.

    I think that RAD-0 is quite an excellent deal if you like a musical kind of sound.

    HD800 is just hot in the treble, wide and kinda vague in direct comparison. HD800 feels way metallic in the treble if you place them side by side. I prefer the treble of Empyrean and He6SE, RAD-0 has a fatigue-free treble that doesn't have quite the bite of Empy and HE6SE, but I find myself grabbing RAD-0 more often when I want to hear some sweet guitars.
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  11. Ciggavelli
    NIce...thanks! The RAD-0 is definitely on my buy list now. I appreciate the comparisons
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  12. Dobrescu George
    I'm happy to help.

    TBH I feel that RAD-0 aren't for someone looking for analytic,

    But RAD-0 is for someone looking for musical and for music :)
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  13. DecentLevi
    Hey guys this is perhaps my 2nd favorite headphone I've tried over the years and all the CanJam / meets, behind only the HEDDphone One ( < review link) using a new emerging electrodynamic technology.
    Here were my impressions from the SoCal CanJam 2019 impressions thread after trying the Rad-0 throughout the weekend:

    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
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  14. DecentLevi
    Hey I'd just like to say though it's my #2 favorite headphone of all time I would love to own this baby someday because it's got a very distinctive and resolving way about it, able to reproduce with such aplomb finesse, giving a sound that could perhaps be described as rich, vibrant, velvety, hard hitting yet crisp... a moderately warm, seductive sound (provided synergy with amping) providing a very welcome contrast for any headphone collection
  15. DecentLevi
    I would be quite interested to see a comparison between this Rad-0 and the Kennerton Thror headphone. By memory from last year from trying the Kennerton Odin both seemed fairly comparable in terms of weight / size / price and even sonically, though the Rad-0 actually seemed more comfortable. Both are planar and the Thror has a wood cup, costing somewhat more. The reason for the Thror comparison would be because it is essentially the higher, better reviewed model from Kennerton.
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