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Rose Technology Discussion & Impressions Thread

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  1. tienbasse
    Funnily enough, Penonaudio just asked me to send back all my defective Rose IEMs for repair.
    Seems like some bad press has reached some ears somewhere in China. :wink:

    Not expecting much, but 30$ shipping for 4 pairs is cheap enough that I'm willing to give it a try.
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  2. stryed
    I received the Rose North Forest without the mic I asked for - making it unusable for the purpose I got it for. I was only offered a discount on a new one.
    I find this unacceptable as it's their fault and have had outstanding customer service with much bigger purchases on amazon. The gesture from Penaudio was in a very uncomfortable "Ping pong" negotiating form although they admitted their mistake. They ask what I would like and if it I had anysuggestions, but it should be up to them to make a gesture.

    This being aliexpress and Penon, I was expecting a better commercial gesture as sending it back is going to be costly for a 20eu IEM.
    Last edited: May 13, 2018
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  3. B9Scrambler
    That's a pretty disappointing experience to hear of from Penon.
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  4. csglinux
    I'm impressed with the Rose Mini 4! I'm so tired of these huge (18+ is the record now, I believe?) multi-BA driver IEMs getting bigger and bigger each year, with increasingly huge stubby nozzles. Who can actually fit a Noble Kaiser 10 in their ear canals? There are so few companies making IEMs that are actually designed to be small, comfortable and give a good, consistent isolating seal. So thanks and kudos to Rose Technics :)

    The measurements below are both diffuse-field compensated, taken on a Vibro Veritas coupler using SpinFit Cp800 tips. The treble extension on the Mini 4 is almost up there with the KSE1500:

  5. Saoshyant
    I'm finally getting a chance to try the Mini 2, and so far initially I'm really thinking they have a lot of potential. I was hoping for a replacement of my Ety HF5 which never quite suited me, and I think these will fill that gap nicely.
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  6. omek77
    After one week the Rose Mini2 headphones were broken.
    My mistake was unplugging the MMCX connector.
    Penon Audio wanted me to send the headset back. That was too complicated and too expensive for me, so I ordered a new left headphone for $50.
    I'll take it as a lesson. This was my first and last attempt with Chinese quality.
    Attention! poor quality of Rose Mini mmcx plugs on
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  7. omek77
    Same for me. Penon Audio knew immediately about the problem with the connectors. So I'm not the first one this has happened to.
    I find it sad that the service of Penon Audio tries to imply that I can't change any cables.

    I think they just want to stall for time until you give up.
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  8. manukmanohar
    That's a horrible service. Seems like even now, rose does very poor quality control. My friend recently ordered a BR5, got cosmetic defect (the faceplate is messed up), and now has to send it back.

    I was hoping, by now, they would have sorted these issues. This leaves me very weary of getting the br7, although it seems very tempting.
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  9. tienbasse
    No, they still have very bad attitude towards consumers, and as long as they keep blaming customers for mishandling their IEMs, nothing will change.
    If Penonaudio wasn't playing the middleman to help customers getting repairs or replacements, Rose wouldn't do anything.
    I had enough discussion with Penon about this for a lifetime, this is a lost cause in my opinion.

    Only looking at pictures at the new BR7 on Penonaudio website, it is easy to see that they haven't improved the built quality one bit. The filters/meshes are still inserted and poorly glued (so they will fall out in a matter of months). The nozzle plastic is very thin (and prone to cracks) and the mmcx connectors looks as bad as usual (cheap connectors like the ones you find on 20$ aftermarket cables). They stopped providing 2-pin versions since they were just unable to properly wire them, forcing customers to use 2-pin cables with no ear hooks and non-angled connectors because you have to reverse one connector to get proper L/R phase.
    And after having ripped people 300+$ dollars for "high-end" models, you should know spend over 500$ for BR7, what a joke...
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2018
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  10. Cinder
    This is the very reason, in spite of some tempting offers, I have declined reviewing any Rose product. It's fair to say that they have some of the best IEMs around, at many price points, but their abysmal quality control leaves too much to be desired. While my Cappuccino Mk. II is still functional, it has very few hours on it (~100) it still has a hairline crack along the side of the left shell. This is astounding to me considering it has always been kept in a very well-padded Pelican case.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2018
  11. tienbasse
    Yeah, you tell me: all my IEMs can only be found in 2 places: in my ears or in the padded box. And this did nothing to help preventing damage because these IEMs actually self-destruct over time due to the low grade plastic of the shells and poor assembly relying on cheap glue.

    There is a reason a lot of manufacturers have upgraded their 3D printing resin to Envisiontec (german brand of high precision 3D printers). It is because they are one of the only brands having developped specific resins for human contact with high durability. In another professional life (a looong time ago), I actually helped them developping a couple of resins for human use.
    Standard stereolithography resins, that have been used a lot in the early days, are not made to last and do not yield high precision which is required in IEMs and hearing aids. They're designed to make prototypes, not durable items. Stronger resins do exist but are usually not designed with a chemistry that allows prolonged contact with skin.
    So the choice in the end is about price, you pay for high-end resins or you produce cheap moulded or printed acrylic blocks with variable results.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2018
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  12. Cinder
    That's really interesting. I'm now very curious to see what kinds or resins are being used by some of my other favorite brands.
  13. tienbasse
    I mentioned this because several large brands of customs and Chinese manufacturers annouced that they have moved to a German brand of resin, and EnvisionTec is the only one in the business. At least this seems like a move to the right direction.
  14. chaiyuta
    Does anyone own ROSE BR7 without any issue?
  15. expatriot
    I was interested in purchasing the Rose Mini 4, but was worried about the reported quality control issues. I contacted Penon and they told me have no fear they will test the one I purchase. I went ahead and purchased the Mini 4 and it has been a great iem, second only to my Jays Q-Jays v2. I havent had any problems with the resin body or the connectors. I am not affiliated with Rose or Penon and paid full price. Maybe I'm just lucky.
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