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Roon / Tidal Setup Options and Component Advice

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by snatex, Oct 8, 2018.
  1. snatex
    Was hoping for some help and opinions on picking out the last components for my desktop headphone system. I have my core, dac, amp and headphones. I'm just considering options for what to use as the digital source and how to feed it to the dac. I will be using 100% Tidal for content and Roon for control.

    Option 1 - Mac Mini (Core) > USB > v850 > v280

    Option 2 (+~$400) - Mac Mini (Core) > USB > X-SPDIF2 (AES) > v850 > v280 > Elex

    Option 3 (+~$500) - Mac Mini (Core) Router > Cat5 > SOTM SMS200 w LPSU (USB) > v850 > v280 > Elex

    Option 4 (+~$500) - Mac Mini (Core) Router > Cat5 > Bluesound Node 2i (COAX) > v850 > v280 > Elex

    Option 5 (+~$200) - Mac Mini (Core) Router > Cat5 > Allo USBridge (USB) > v850 > v280 > Elex

    Other recommendations?
  2. rockphotog
    Unless you need a bridge/connectivity for some other reason, keep it simple = Option 1.
  3. Whazzzup
    Can we have a budget say 10 g for a server

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