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Roon is live

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by 7ryder, May 13, 2015.
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  1. Audio Addict Contributor

    Too late, I joined as a lifetime member. Just wish I was 20 years younger so lifetime might actually feel like it was a bargain. :wink:
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  2. Audio Addict Contributor

    Thank-you. I had not drilled into those settings under each DAC I have receiving output frtom Roon.
  3. Topspin70
    I dragged the EQ curve around and seems to have found a nice setting for my iDSD Nano where I bumped up the mid bass and midrange. Starting to like this new feature, and certainly softened my purist view of having a flat 'uncoloured' signal.
  4. canali
    i just found hardly used micro rendu shipped for US$560.
    now looking into the uptone lps 1 power supply..then it will
    be some new cables...then...ugh...
    ...Roon is offering me a free trial with their new 1.3
    (down the wormhole I go)
    still trying to understand the microrendu setup with my wls laptop (as a nas)
    ...have to get an eternet jack installed first
  5. Topspin70

    No regret at all for me as to the gear you mentioned, except I got the HDPlex 100W instead of the LPS 1. Just need to skip a few meals here and there. Email Jesus for help to set up the mR. He responds real quick and has an answer for everything, even for my embarrassingly stupid questions. 
  6. canali
    yes he and adrian have been both helpful...
    as are the folks in the micro rendu thread on headfi.
    now it seems as if i also need some sonore-cardas DC4 power cable
  7. Audio Addict Contributor
  8. Patu
    I just invested to one year plan. This was my fourth trial period with Roon and this time I finally decided to go for it. Last time I ended up with JRiver because I thought it sounded better. Now, after I've done some small adjustments in my setup and Roon was updated to 1.3, I couldn't tell which one was better. They do still sound different but neither one is clearly better. I was also impressed by all the improvements they did for version 1.3, it really shows how much work these guys put in to the software. But what's best in Roon is really the main idea of the software, the user interface. It's light years ahead of any other player. It makes it interesting to just browse your own library, browse artist photos, read reviews, lyrics etc. The discover feature rediscovers your own library. Many albums which have been forgotten have been playing here recently. With big collection, this feature is extremely valuable. Also, when integrated with Tidal, you find new music by familiar artists when Roon shows their music from Tidal. The price was always a problem for me but I finally got over it. The one year plan isn't that expensive in the end, $10 per month. 
  9. Chikolad
    If you end up wanting to switch to lifetime subscription like I did, don't wait till the year is over. If for instance you'll want to switch a month from now, they will refund you 11 months off the yearly subscription.
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  10. canali
    I do get 2 mo free...have tidal hifi...just got my microrendu...just awaiting the uptone ultracaps lps1 power supply 
    and I'll check it out.
  11. Ken57
    Has anyone compared the SQ with the new ROON 1.3, with and without using HQ Player? (without doing any upsampling). (from Tidal HiFi). Thanks.
  12. Audio Addict Contributor

    Sorry, I have not. I did just Fidelize the Roon computer and updated to version 7.7 tonight. Pretty inexpensive software price to minimize the impact on Windows on the audio chain.
  13. HJW702
    Any ideas how one can get a discount code for lifetime subscription? It seems like something that comes from dealers or as a show adder, but I can't find any info on one... ready to pull the trigger on lifetime membership.
  14. Patu
    Just ask for discount from Roon support.
  15. canali
    didn't realize there is any discount...good to know.

    i have been experimenting with the EQ and having some fun with my focal alpha 50 desktop monitors.
    gave it 2.5 more db of bass extension....slight smile in my curve...next up will be the crossfeed for my cans/iems.

    question: when listening to Roon (via Tidal) i can's save or add any new music to my 'saved' Tidal lists.
    seems i have to do that in Tidal, then they'll be updated/imported into the Roon Tidal.
    am i doing something wrong?
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