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Roon is live

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by 7ryder, May 13, 2015.
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  1. watchnerd
    Not me.
    MQA provides nothing I want.
  2. peterinvan

    The MASTER quality albums pass through Roon to my Explorer2 DAC... Showing 48kHz at 24 bits. Sounds nice and clear.
  3. Topspin70
    I managed to get that finally after setting ouput to exclusive for my dac. Thanks man. 
  4. Topspin70
    I managed to get that finally after setting ouput to exclusive for my dac. Thanks man. 
  5. Topspin70
    Interesting that there isn't much talk here surrounding Roon 1.3. Or did I miss seeing another thread dedicated to it?
  6. watchnerd
    I mostly talk about it on other sites.
  7. Audio Addict Contributor

    I have not put ant time into figuring out what I should do differently. I looked at the community boards but to much chatter for me. So far I really have not paid attention or noticed a difference.
  8. Topspin70

    Pretty much the same case for me. The only thing I found useful was the indicator of the signal path quality (Lossless/High Quality). I use tagging a lot but have yet to figure out what the improvements actually do for me. And those new DSP settings seem like a big attraction but is clearly for the more sophisticated users who could understand what they all mean. 
  9. Audio Addict Contributor

    I went through the settings and just did not see anything. Someone mentioned now having EQ but I never found it.
  10. wood1030

    Changing your audio DSP settings(if you choose to) can be found in the "audio" section in settings:
    I'm still experimenting w/ different settings to try to get it just right.
  11. Topspin70

    Try going to Zone selection, click on the 3 dots against your desired output, and choose DSP Engine. They're all there. Crossfeed, headroom, EQ, etc. Do note their warning of fiddling with those settings which could lead to loud damaging noises shooting through our cans and into our ears. : P
  12. Audio Addict Contributor
    Thanks I thought I read they were changing specific frequencies. A software equalizer it seemed built into Roon. Maybe it was just wishful thinking.
  13. wood1030

    It's there in the DSP Engine settings page:
  14. tme110
    I have to say I was pretty impressed by 1.3.  I had a 30 day trail of Roon last year but it did nothing for me.  I'm on a 2 week trial now.  As soon as I signed in to my already loaded Roon core, it uploaded to the latest version and then started building the database.  I was able to listen to music immediately.  With no time spent on the net, it only took me a few minutes to set up the DSD to automatically upsample everything to max sample rate then convert to DSD128 (which I think may be the highest I can go using only a MS surfacePro laptop.  I think the crossfade function would be of interest to many on headfi.  There is a parametric equalizer to but I didn't have a need to play with that.  It's much simpler than trying to connect Roon to HQplayer to do the same thing on the old version.

    It give's a nice 'roadmap' of the entire audio change and tells you where any 'low quality' or lossy parts in the chain are.  TIDAL integration is nice too, if you use that.
    Granted I use a microrendu which is already 'roon ready' (and highly recommended).  I may actually stick with it. I just liked that everything just worked, I had no issues, and I could figure out the 'hard' stuff pretty quickly.  The fact that it sounded good helped too.
  15. wood1030

    When I first tried the 30 day trial run with Roon, I was a little less impressed. It seemed that it was a little more expensive than I was willing to pay at the time for what I was getting...integration with local files and my Tidal subscription. After the 30 days, I decided I was not going to continue with the annual subscription. A day or 2 later, I got an email from Roon asking me why I did not continue with their service. I gave my reasoning and the guy told me that BIG updates were on the way and that if I would keep (and pay for) an annual subscription, they would add an additional 3 months to the annual plan and he also threw in a 3 month pass to Tidal HiFi (which i didn't need since I'm already a subscriber).
    So, before you automatically renew/pay, it may be worth it to see if you can get a little bonus by playing hard-to-get. It worked for me (though that wasn't my intention).
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