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Roon is live

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by 7ryder, May 13, 2015.
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  1. musickid
    i'm new to music software and using a small earmax pro headphone system with modi multibit dac i'm curious about roon. could do with some help please.

    1) is roon just a lovely database of artists and groups or does it function as a music enhancer like amarra for tidal, audirvarna plus when used with tidal hifi?

    2) it can work with tidal hifi, so does it reproduce the tidal hifi sound in exactly the same manner, or does it as i stated enhance like amarra for tidal. little repetitive here apologies.

    3)finally do amarra for tidal and audirvarna sound better and can they be integrated with roon. if i only wanted to commit to one service and i go for roon for its amazing database will roon support mqa if tidal do master streaming? i ask because i'm thinking of a new system that could be mqa ready. or should i not worry about mqa. any general advice for a newcomer would be great.
  2. watchnerd
    You should not worry about MQA yet.
    Full blown MQA requires implementation at the beginning of the recording chain.  Only a few demo projects like those from 2L (Nordic classical label) meet that criteria.
    As for the rest of the music out there, do you really want to buy it all again?
  3. musickid
    if it starts with the recording how does tidal show signs it might introduce master streaming. does that mean it is not full blown proper mqa sound? also when you say buy it all again do you mean the same tracks done in mqa. i mainly use tidal hifi.
  4. watchnerd
    Right...it's not full blown MQA.
    I forget their specific term, but it's basically half-MQA -- only applied via remastering.
    If you're getting it through Tidal, okay, still free on the software side, but I wouldn't be shopping for a DAC based on what Tidal might or might not do with MQA.
    I'd wait until MQA reaches some level of critical mass before putting money into it.  It's just as likely to be stillborn.
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  5. canali
    am trying tidal hi fi (again) this time with roon labs.
    seems they're coming out with an upgrade: 1.3
    excerpt: ''Headphone listeners get a crossfeed filter – similar to that found in
    Chord’s Hugo, Hugo TT or Fidelia – that can be switched on to flesh out the headstage.''
    amarra is soon coming out with a windows 10 friendly version, too.

    Coming over the hill: the monstrous Roon 1.3

    by [​IMG]John H. Darkoabout 9 hours ago
  6. Audio Addict Contributor

    Some really cool features coming.
  7. watchnerd
    Yep, I'm very much looking forward to it.
  8. Topspin70
    MQA master quality albums are up on Tidal. But the same albums stream as 16/44.1 on Roon. Am I right to say they won't show as Master until that big update?
  9. watchnerd
    I'd ask on the Roon forum.
  10. canali
    new and interesting from Chord:
    Poly: wireless streaming module
    Wireless streaming module
    Roon ready, too.
    new related threads on them:
    Poly will be available later this year for £499 GBP.
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  11. Topspin70
    Mojopoly, eh.
    Might be just me but those names, especially in that font, sure don't go with the high-end SQ that we expect from them.
  12. canali
    not cheap, man...and for me i'm pretty simple: 
    one laptop to cans/iems or powered speakers on desktop
    (for now)
  13. Topspin70
    That's how it was for me. A laptop with Bit Perfect app straight to cans, then it's A+, then it's Roon, then a DAC before the cans, then a better cable, then a streamer, then a LPS...
  14. canali
    yes i'm already using my mojo, df red or ifim micro as dac
    ...looking at the burson cable+ or something else which is a good 3.5 to dual rca
    i'm trying to avoid going down that rabbit hole.
    my bud once had a US$70k hi fi  system (his interconnects alone were each U$5k!)
    ...sold it all off and went simpler just a while ago.
    i don't want to repeat his crack like addiction, fate.[​IMG] 
  15. Topspin70
    We can only hope until someone invent audio rehab.
    Not to derail, but I think once Roon gets an MQA update and tidal floods in more MQA material, it'll be all gear shopping time again hoping to hear that last ounce of difference in the new format.
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