Roll call: Indians staying in India, interested in high end headphones/IEMS
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Is there an authorized distributor for headamp gsx mk2 or woo wa 22 in India ?
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Thanks for the offers guys. i bought a used x5iii. Hopefully will get it delivered by thursday.
Now on to ifi idsd bl... if anyone is trying to get rid of their idsd bl in exchange for cash or chord mojo, please do let me know.
Thanks in advance.


Still want idsd Bl?
iFi Audio Micro iDSD Black Label Headphone Amp - $378.00
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Hey thank you so much.. just found that out on slickdeals. They dont ship international except canada and uk. Do you know of any reship service that is cheap and safe?
I have used Boderlinx earlier and they worked fine for me. But its been a while.
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Am letting go of a pair of Audeze Sine Lightning DAC version headphone mint condition. It comes in the original box with all the accessories from retail packaging. No trade/exchange or bargaining. Fixed Price is Rs.20K +Shipping.
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@Ritvik I got the ve cables and now completely understand why you advised against fully sleeved for iems. However before i could come across your advise the damage was already done.
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Interesting, care to explain what thought went behind that. Fully sleeved vs non sleeved.
The idea was to get a durable cable. Therefore i chose the fully sleeved option. However, as was pointed out, the heat-sink together with the mmcx/ 2 pin connector juts out and the sleeve doesn't make it easy for the cable to bend at the desired angle. A half sleeved cable would be sleeved till the y-splitter and the cables above that would be the black litz which would not have the aforementioned issue. I hope i am making sense.
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I am returning the Mofis I posted above. Less than two days old, if someone wants them then I can sell them but reply by the end of the day please.

A short review is due anyway:

Unboxing: The box is smallest I have ever seen for a headphone. It's very well thought after box which you can use as a headphone stand for daily use.

Accessories: Two wire, short one with in-line remote that works with both Apple devices and android. Long one doesn't have a mic/remote measures about 9ft. One soft pouch. One airport connector. One 1/4 adaptor. One micro usb charging cable.

Built and comfort: Built like a tank. The design is very unconventional. It has adjustable headbands and hinges to adjust height as well. So you can adjust both height and the length. Even though the headphones are on heavier side the adjustability distributes the weight very well. No comfort issues even after a couple of hours. Pads though aren't very big, it hugs my ears well. Clamping is adjustable.

Sound: Overall signature of the headphones is dark. Bass is big, sound like sub woofers. Mids are very flat and very sweet. Treble is rolled off. After about 15 hours of use bass has settled down a little. The biggest marketing point of these headphones are the *in-built amplifiers*. The company has provided two amp modes 'ON' and 'ON+'. ON mode simply engages the amp and produces some lively sound all round the frequency. ON+ mode is for bass heads. OFF mode is unamplified and allows for pairing it with an external amp. I liked both paired with an external amp... sounds good for acoustic music. With ON mode it sounds better with pop/hip-hop. My biggest gripe with these are the soundstage, it's very narrow. Narrow stage means separation is not good and lacks dynamics too. But mids I dare say come pretty close to HD650s. Even if you match FR graph you can see how flat mids are. Vocals sound very very sweet, upper mids have a dip so the there is no harshness. The amp modes add to the versatility if you want to hear Hip-hop/pop etc.

Charging time as per the company is 3-4 hours and lasts 12 hours. When not charged still can be used in OFF mode. Doesn't come with a charger since it has micro usb port which is universal. Overall I feel if you take sound alone 34k price tag is not justified but for half that price and for what features it's a good buy.
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