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Rocoo p paired with HD-25 II.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by magicpants, Dec 30, 2012.
  1. Magicpants
    Hi head-fi.
    I'm looking for a DAP that's simple (sturdy/mechanical interface) and not ridiculously expensive like I find most other DAP's to be. I really want to stray away from the
    smart-phone-interface-like DAP'ers like the Cowon and Ibasso (which are also a bit expensive) that seems to be crammed with all sorts of unnecessary functions (why?). I just want to play my music.
    The Rocoo p seems to have everything I'm looking for with a good SQ especially in the mids, which also seems to be the signature for my HD-25 II. I listen to old and modern rock, stuff like Dire straits, Jethro Tull, fleet foxes, tallest man on earth, alt-j, clapton, arcade fire etc etc.
    I do have some questions though, which I need clarified. :)
    - A lot of people seem to buy the Rocoo P to go with their IEM's  - what should I make of this? Does it pair with my HD-25 II. In this regard should I just get a clip+ instead?
    - The 10h battery life is worrisome - a lot. It sort of defeats the whole purpose of getting an expensive and sturdy DAP since (I guess) the battery eventually will 'die out' and make it impractical for use. The studio-v is out of my budget.

    I'm a bit restrained by the budget and I'm considering just getting a sansadisk clip+ 4gb to save some cash. I haven't had a portable player since, forever, so I'm in dire need of one.
    On the paper (except battery limitations) the Rocoo p seems to offer everything I'm looking for at a very decent price!

    Kind regards!
  2. lacucaracha1990
    You should wait for the new player from the same company that made Rocoo P, it's called the Nova and it's coming out out around the 2nd of January, apparantely the sound quality will be the same as the Rocoo but the battery life will be 25+ since that seems to be your concern...plus its got a nice sexy slim design! :) On top of that it will even come with a customizable EQ so you can tweak the sound to your liking, unlike the Rocoo which you'll be stuck with one!
    I also use the Sennheiser HD-25 II btw, they're the best!! :) I've been dying to get a Rocoo P as well since I watched the Snazzylabs review on youtube, but I've decided to wait on the Nova instead!
  3. Magicpants
    I just checked it out and for me it seems to go in the wrong direction (it looks like an ipod). Looking at it I'd probably rather have a colorfly c3 but we'll see. Thanks though!

    Does anyone have the Rocoo p who can comment on the battery life? Does it decline quickly?
    It seems to be out of stock everywhere and very hard to get. Where do I order one (from Germany/UK)?
  4. paulmvg
    I'm gonna put my eye on this thread. Ever since I tried this DAP with my trusty hd 25, I've been really addicted it. A perfect match for those who wants their hd 25 improve in soundstage and overall SQ.. 
  5. lacucaracha1990
    oh so finally someone tried it with the HDs! :D is it really such a massive improvement from ur average mp3 player? how does it compare 2 high-end desktop setups?
  6. paulmvg
    It is totally different from the other players I've tried. All the flaws that I can think of that does exist on the hd 25 are all fixed/improved. The peaky treble is gone, better mid and sub bass, super smooth mids and lastly, the soundstage became wider. Definitely a perfect DAP for hd 25.

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