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RockJaw Alfa Genus - Reviews, Impressions Thread

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  1. BillsonChang007
    +1 for the Kommand! I have lent to many people locally and have not fail anyone. Most wanted to borrow it again! 
  2. rids57
    Got my pair of Alfa Genus from Amazon today and practically ripped them out of the delivery guy's hands (patience is not my strong suit). Nice packaging means it won't be thrown away and provides a nice place to store the bits I'm not using. Not a huge accessory pack but as it turned out the ear tips they came fitted with were a perfect fit (I forget they are in).
    Cued up "Road of Bones" by IQ on my FiiO X1 and started listening....
    The sound through the silver filter did bring a smile to my face right away but in the end the bass was a bit too overpowering for my taste.
    Next I tried the black filters but this was too bright for me (my main phones are HD650s) so that didn't last long.
    Finally the champagne filter, which was the one I really wanted to use anyway....
    The bass was great, plenty of low down growl and the kick drum packed a real wallop but that was where the enjoyment ended. The roll off started in the high mids and by the time it got to cymbals there was nothing there whatsoever. Everything sounded terribly muffled and drums were almost inaudible, there was no initial attack at all. I couldn't understand it, I'd read all of the reviews and everyone seemed to love the champagne filters, yet for me they were totally unusable. I read there was a bit of a volume reduction due to the material in the champagne filters but in my case the difference was huge, so I thought what the hell, grabbed a needle and gently teased the material out of the filters...
    All I can think is that the felt type material must have been packed too tightly or there was too much of it because the difference in sound was massive. Without the dampening material the mids are smooth and natural and the highs are clear as a bell - I can't get over just how good they sound now. I'm currently playing "Radar Love" by Golden Earring and have a manic grin on my face, the way that bass is growling and the kick drum is slamming is turning me into a grinning idiot. [​IMG]
    Very glad I bought these and a crazy bargain at £40 - I get the feeling I'll be looking at the Kommands before too long.
  3. On The And Of 1

    Congrats. Thought I would treat myself to these also. Hope to take delivery either today or on Monday.
  4. rids57
    After a lot more listening and loosening up (burn in) time I had a bit of a play with the dampening material and the gold filters.
    Originally one filter was very tightly packed, right to the top (so much so I couldn't get it all back in), while the other was about half full but also very tightly packed. I didn't like the sound of this at all, very muffled and drums had no attack, so were all but inaudible.
    So I put a small amount of padding back in, slightly larger than the tube diameter and gently pushed it in until it was loosely packed within the tube. This was much better, very smooth mids and highs with far more detail and I'm guessing this is how they are supposed to sound.
    Thing is though, even with just a little padding, the difference when you remove it is still quite apparent. Sure the highs become a bit more lively but it's as though a heavy curtain was whisked away to reveal the sound in all it's raw glory and I'm very much enjoying the extra clarity. I've lost count of the times I've swapped back and forth between a (teeny) bit of wadding and empty tubes this afternoon and while the sound is extremely good with a small amount of wadding included, I think I'll carry on with empty filters. That extra bit of clarity and sizzle helps add detail and texture to the percussion and the music sounds more alive and dynamic as a result.
    Happy ears indeed [​IMG] 
  5. Rockbob

    Hi rids57

    Glad to have you as a customer

    Sorry that the foam was too tightly packed, we are usually very careful on this point as you have pointed out has a big effect.

    The foam will have varying degrees of difference if fitted in all the filters and I suspect you have the latest generation gold filter as this is tuned just a little different when the foam is not inserted.

    Its such a big job to get the filters right as others have tried after us and found they are too bass heavy or too little discernable difference, so always great to hear we got it right.
  6. Talai
    Hey guys!
    I've been really happy with the Alfa Genus so far - here's my full written review. RockJaw has asked me to create a video review as well, so I'm going to be posting it ASAP.
    I feel that the gold filters included with my pair perform differently than what most people have said... I'll play around with the foam to see if I can replicate the sound other people are talking about.
  7. rids57
    Nice review [​IMG]
    My HD650s and AKG K702s can't get a look in since I got these, whenever I want to listen to music (and that's a lot) I reach for the Rock Jaws. The gold filter without padding really hits the mark with me, extended bass, lush mids and clear highs. Feeding my piggy bank for a pair of Kommands now, once I can buy a pair without the ear scaffolding as I prefer cable up.
  8. Talai
  9. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Well done on the video review! Alfa Genus have unique timbre, I find especially great for acoustic guitars.
    Talai likes this.
  10. voxie
    Congrats on a really well put together video. Clear and well articulated. Agree re the silver filter. These are my go to phones when out and about. No issues about how they are built and with free shipping 3 year warranty together with the price point and sq its a great purchase.
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  11. Talai
    Thanks for the comments guys, I most certainly am happy with the Alfa Genus [​IMG]
  12. slowpickr
    So what's the caliber of the AG?  Is it a $50 IEM that sounds like a $100 IEM?  How does it compare to other sub-$100 heavy hitters (e.g Ostry, Tenore, V-Sonic, Piston, etc.)?  Build quality seems nice.
  13. H T T
    I exclusively use the silver filter with my AG. I tend to listen at lower volumes, so the v-shape tuning helps compensate for the loss of treble and especially bass at those levels. I can only comment on the Tenore and Pistons. The AGs are vastly superior to the Pistons in every way except price. The Tenores are tuned to near perfection (for me) for mid sound level volumes. The AGs are better constructed than the Tenores. RockJaw Bob is here and takes care of forumites. I am happy with my pair. If I were to damage my pair, I would buy another pair immediately. 
  14. Ultrainferno
    Headfonia's review: http://www.headfonia.com/rockjaw-alfa-genus-a-budget-prince/
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  15. Brooko Contributor
    Nice review Ultra.  Wait until you get to check out the Trinity series (coming soon)!
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