Rockit Sounds R-20 Review/Impressions
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Techno Kid

Headphoneus Supremus
Feb 23, 2012
I got the R-20 today and I've had them on for about an hour and like the R-50 they to sound very good for they're price.  I still think the R-50 is the better of the 2 as far as price performance goes but the R-20 is quite good for $40.  
Some very early impressions are that they have very nice bass for a BA, they go deeper and have more impact than my PFE112.  They're mid-centric with warm and sweet mids that have good detail, vocals sound quite smooth.  The highs are the weakest part of the presentation, the are rolled off at the top end but you still get a fair amount of detail in them.  The soundstage isn't large or small but average with decent separation and imaging, not top notch but neither is the price.  I'll give them a good listen for a few days and write a more in depth review but so far not bad at all for $40.

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