Rockbox for iPOD Video 5th 5.5th mSATA SSD MOD
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I'm pretty sure I used the standard because I couldn't find an executable file in the patched one I downloaded.

Try this link - it contains the compiled Rockbox patched with msata support.
and the compiled code ready for install is available

Unfortunately, it's still 3.14 version, and I might get around to seeing if I can be patch it for 3.15, but probably not for a while. I still really have no idea how OPs code works, and I haven't seen any features in 3.15 that are worth me bothering personally.
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I'm not quite sure what .executable file you're looking for. If you've already installed the bootloader via Rockbox Utility, you should be able to just drag the contents of that patched .zip onto your ipod and that's it installed, then reboot into Rockbox and it should work
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I've now dragged the RockboxUtility into the same folder as your files. I just reformatted my msata to start fresh.
Unfortunately nothing is lighting up now even when plugged into a USB charger, so something has gone wrong with the hardware. Will have to unseat and re-seat all the cables tomorrow with better light. Thank you for your help.
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So you can't install a custom Rockbox using the utility AFAIK. What you'd need to do is use the Rockbox Utility to first install the bootloader and the standard firmware, then open the mounted ipod as a folder on your computer (in Windows Explorer or Finder etc) and copy the files from the patched .zip, overwriting the files that Rockbox Util put in there.
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Standard firmware meaning Apple's OS, or standard rockbox?
I was able to install the bootloader, but once I install Rockbox using the Utility the whole thing stops mounting and I need to format everything.
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New battery received and things are working, mostly. I definitely need to figure out how to use rockbox. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be as slow at is is with 35k mostly ALAC files on it. Sounds fantastic. Thanks so much for your help!
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Everything seems to be working fine on my iPod with the mSATA patch for 3.15 RockBox (thanks, @silvervest). However, I feel like the battery lasts longer on the previous RockBox version. I think it was 3.13. Anyway, I'll try to find out more once I get a chance to revert to that version.

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