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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. frogmeat69
    The RME is a fantastic piece of kit.
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  2. greyscale75
  3. JerkChicken
    very neat indeed. thanks for the link. I love that it adds support with logitech harmony remotes! +1 for even more user friendliness
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  4. oqvist
    Is there any known issues with channel imbalance with this dac? I have to put its balance to 10 right to seemingly get it right with spl meter. Tried three sources and checked cables.
  5. Mr B1
    Funny - I have the exact same setting and thought it must have been my hearing! Will have a look with my Diligent scope and see what's what.
  6. Luckbad
    I've had two different ADI-2 DACs and an ADI-2 Pro FS and channel balance has always been essentially perfect. Sounds like a faulty DAC, amp, tubes, or transducers.

    Presumably you're checking with the ADI-2 DAC by itself with multiple different headphones?
  7. oqvist
    Yes either bug in the software of the RME ADI-2 or something else RME related. It does the same weither I use the rca or balanced connecters to the amplifier. And coaxial, optical, usb all do the same. I haven´t tried the internal amplifier for a while because it never impressed me anyway but may get around to it some day.

    All my headphones get this inbalance when run through RME with no balance adjustments. And they are all fine on other sources.

    It sure sounds alright once I balanced compared to Audio GD Reference 9 there surely aren´t any audible distortion or anything that sounds odd in any of the channels.
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  8. nlwouter
    Interesting that you mentioned the reference 9, because someone offered a reference 10 to me for around the same money of the adi-2.

    Would you think the dac of the reference 9 is comparable to the adi-2 and how about the headphone out?
  9. technobear
    Does this happen from the headphone sockets on the RME?

    Are you using Auto Ref Level and what happens if you select a fixed level instead (or vice versa)?

    Is the Mono setting (IO menu) set to "To Left"? Set it to "Off".
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  10. greyscale75
  11. oqvist
    Auto ref was on. With it off I got it to within a db with my spl metre so it was probable related to that.. Why whould auto ref on boost one channel more if it was that? Mono was off at least. I essentially run it at default settings or so I thought :p.
    Will try the socket tomorrow.

    As for Reference 9 it´s so little between them.. I would not make the blind test I recon. Reference 9 is only a DAC but it´s absolutely humongous. My home theater receivers occupy less space. Fascinating to look into and weight a ton but as far from portable you get :p
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  12. technobear
    It shouldn't do that. Wonder if it will do the same for both front ports.

    Have you flahsed the latest firmware (26/30 I believe)? A re-flash might fix it.
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  13. oqvist
    Trying the Hifiman Ananda on it now. It sounds good but it always sounds good :p
    I am not even using the hi power setting seem to do fine anyway.
  14. bryceu
    Just wanted to pop in here and share my love for my new RME ADI-2 DAC. I've had it for a week or two now and still feel as impressed with it as the first day I got it. Great detail and super clean, pairs well with the THX 789. And I think I finally got the menu fully down :D
    As far as line output, what volume do you guys set yours out when feeding an amp via the XLR? I have it at -6.0dBr (+13 dBu) as the manual said I should be getting good voltage going into the amp that way. Anyone able to shed some light on this for me?
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  15. CaptainFantastic
    Are there noticeable differences when listening to your headphones using the ADI-2 alone versus ADI-2 + THX 789?
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