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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. mcgo
    I don’t know about you guys, but with the top notch sound and new AMBER display, I’m in heaven!

    My V280 totally loves the ADI-2. Balanced all the way, baby!
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  2. lhydavid
    Yeah... seems there are quite a few using ADI-2 and V280, me inclusive.
    It's really more than good enough for me!
    Yee Haww.... :L3000:
  3. NickedWicked
    V281 as well, and it’s glorious!
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  4. lhydavid
    You're on an ADI-2 Pro FS too!! Smashing!!
    I had a good deal on that, but decided to just get the DAC version.
    Both seem to do great with the violectric amps!
  5. NickedWicked
    The Pro has some neat use cases, one of them being an optical connection to a Babyface Pro, so it has a femto clock as well.

    Wish I had money for the V281’s bigger newer brother, the Niimbus US4+ but holy moly it’s expensive!
  6. mixman
    Yeah hopefully I can graduate to a V281 from my THX. That must be a great pairing. I want to do that too an optical pairing of a Babyface Pro with the ADI, but I am already using the optical for my PC connection as I think it sounds better.
  7. CaptainFantastic
    Does that HE-1000 really require so much power? Because I know for sure that the LCD2-CB is fine with the ADI-2 Amp alone. To each his own, but spending 2k chasing a 1% improvement in sound... been there, not worth it IMHO. You even have to question what you lose by adding complexity and more cables to the setup.
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  8. mixman
    Do I need it for the hp’s I have now? No, which is why I don’t have one. I am thinking of possibly getting a 1266 down the line and those do require a good, powerful amp.
  9. nlwouter
    You're saying i can't use the RME with my subwoofer? (Speakers connected via xlr and sub with rca)
  10. nlwouter
    I am intersted in the adi-2 dac, but i am in doubt between this and the audio gd 28.38 or r28. Anyone have listened to both of them?

    Or is there another dac/amp i should be wary about? (I listen to both headphones and active speakers equally)

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  11. hornytoad
    It’s not close . Rme . Better resolution , better features ,way better measurements without sounding clinical .
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  12. bidn
    Hi nlwouter

    (BTW I also live in the Netherlands),

    in this case I think it is very easy, I personally wouldn't hesitate one second:

    - go for the RME ADI 2 DAC

    - if you are interested in high fidelity, then avoid at all cost Audio GD. Audio GD stands outs by purposely avoiding feedback loops in their circuitry and uses this as a marketing gimmick for buyers unaware of electronics. However this goes against all the science of electronics and signal processing, i.e. their devices are fundamentally most wrongly designed from a technical, scientific point of view. And the measurements confirm this, the devices are way underperforming re. the quality of the signal output, (well below CD quality), see e.g. Audio GD devices at the bottom (= worse, top = best) of this measurement chart, while RME is among the best performers, about position 10 from the top:



    I follow the measurements (performed with a Audio Precision APx555) published here:
    there you can find measurements relevant to your question, e.g.

    - for the RME ADI-2 DAc:

    -for the Audio GD 28.28

    In general, re. resistor-based DACs, although the idea is nice, as far as all measurements I have seen, they have no chance but are definitely way outperformed (not to say crushed) by delta-sigma DACs (ASICs or FPGA implementations), I understand: due to practical issues such as resistor imprecisions, mismatch, etc.

    All the best, esp. good luck for your choice and have a nice summer,
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
  13. Luckbad
    Not sure what he's talking about. You can do this without issue.
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  14. lhydavid
    Lol sorry! I am sorely mistaken!
    You can! In fact there are many that do so!
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  15. lhydavid
    You are dead right!
    My bad. :)
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