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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Tsukuyomi
    Thats hard to answer, because i feel its artist/album/genre dependant. but for example, when i was listening to Hans Zimmers batman soundtrack, i bumped 20-50hz a tiny bit. and i liked it.
  2. technobear
    To start, centre on 150 Hz and adjust Q to spread the tails out to 50 Hz and 500 Hz or thereabouts. Don't overdo the gain. 1 dB may be enough. Experiment from there.

    If voices still sound a bit thin like they are lacking a body, try a small reduction centred on 3000 Hz spreading to about 1000 and 5000. Again just a few dB.
  3. Kitechaser
    How well does this pair with a magnepan 1.7i?
    I would like to use this as a DAC/Preamp paired with Bryston 7bst monoblocks.
    Thank you
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  4. Kitechaser
    Are you able to use say the SONY WM1A as a source through the USB out?
    Can someone please answer this question.
  5. lhydavid
    If i am not mistaken with the latest fw from sony, the wm1a now has the usb dac functionality. To use it as a source for the RME you might need a usb otg adapter/cable so that the RME recognizes thr wm1a as a source. Then you should be good to go.

    The chain could be
    1) Wm1a
    2) usb otg adapter
    3) usb cable (the one that came with RME is pretty good)
    4) RME ADI-2 DAC
    5) headphone/iem

    Hope this helps.
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  6. Kitechaser
    Thanks for answering that.
    I'll be using this as a DAC/Preamp for my Speaker system. Just wanted to make sure I would be able to use a DAP as a source.
  7. lhydavid
    Do be careful not to use both the rca out and xlr out at the same time on the RME though. If you do use the rca, do make sure there is nothing connected to the xlr out and vice versa. Cheers!
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  8. captblaze
    Here is the solution I use when I want to connect to a USB DAC.

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  9. Tsukuyomi
    could you provide a link to where you purchased that? just in case. :) Thanks!
  10. captblaze
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  11. adeseaso
    I was unaware of this and the feature set warranted an evaluation, one is on its way.

    Mainly using Chord Hugo (first version) right now so those two will duke it out in the trenches in the coming weeks.
  12. Allanmarcus
    I just tried the amp with Hi-Power mode on with the Utopia. I think there is an improvement. More punch and dynamics. More emotional. Probably even better with high impedance phones. Any other comments on hi-power mode?
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  13. Luckbad
    Hi-Power is better than normal mode. The ADI-2 Pro in balanced is slightly better still.

    In both cases, things are slightly rounded. Leading edge transients are a touch dulled. Bass has a tiny flubby characteristic and isn't super tight.

    That's true in normal mode, Hi-Power, and balanced. It's marginally better from left to right. I don't find those things to be true from the IEM output, although I do prefer the SPL Phonitor XE with my main IEMs (but only just).
  14. abirdie4me
    Got the ADI-2 DAC today and plugged it into my Keces p8 linear power supply and fed it with Roon via UltraRendu. I haven’t even looked at any settings yet, and I already know this is a keeper. Listened with Utopia and Campfire Atlas so far, and it sounds spectacular. Can’t wait to start exploring all the options, also have a second-hand Liquid Platinum on the way. Should be a fun week.
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  15. MikeW
    It’s a great combo, I have adi-2 and LP with JBL LSR monitors. Great satisfying and versatile setup. ADI is my favorite piece of audio gear I’ve ever owned, lot of value for its market segment.
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