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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Baten
    Oh but I do. But both the RME and THX amp stage are really quite similar.
  2. Baten
    Imo? THX =p hate background hum on tube amps but with higher impedance cans that's not a big problem.
  3. mixman
    I know MikeW here likes the LP, and says it’s a step up from the RME. Don’t know if he has had a THX though. I would go with the LP. In all honesty the THX is nothing that special.
  4. Baten
    Heresy! It is literally the second coming of Jesus

    Lol in all honesty it's funny to see such varying opinions.
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  5. Aliv3
    Does anyone here have the Sony TA-ZH1ES that can compare with the RME ADI-2?
  6. tekkster
    the SIglent oscillator just arrived, so connected to the ADI-2 real quick for a dirt simple (and likely not yet accurate) slew rate test.

    Square sine for RME ADI-2. slew rate seems very fast, but big overshoot before balancing out, so ringing seems severe.

    Still figuring out how to adjust everything on the siglent, as I want to be able to show actual slew rate in mV/uS

    Don't take it seriously, please, as I'm not sure what I'm doing yet.

    Really just having fun re-learning all this stuff. Amazing what you forget 35 years after highschool....

    SDS00004.jpg Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 10.16.09.png
  7. tekkster
    I need a better source file. Pulling the wav file into Audacity and zooming in, it appears the original wav file has some ringing in it to begin with, so the results are not to be trusted as is.
  8. Deftone
    Sold and returned most of my gear and now left with HD660S my favourite headphone but i will order ADI2 Dac This has everything in one box and does everything and perfectly at that, really hoping it will be endgame pairing. Honestly getting bored of buying/researching so much equipment at this point its taking the fun out of listening to music.
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  9. Overclocked11
    If there is one thing I could say about the ADI-2 is that it puts the fun in listening..
    I sat and listened last night for a good 3 hours.. it makes everything sound clear and alive. I've been enjoying it very much.
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  10. Deftone
    That's what I want, something that measures very well especially under headphone load (a lot of stuff doesn't) flat balanced sound with no added bass or treble just my headphones louder and clearer. Getting tired of all this snake oil and magic, I need an expertly designed and reliable amp/dac and then I'm done.

    Listening to my £40 iems from my phone tonight made me realise I haven't lost my love for the music. I Iook forward to discovering and buying new music again.
  11. Hellraiser86
    I have one :)
    In short: These two are very different in sound. Just different, not one being better or worse than the other. If you want more details just PM me.
  12. mvvRAZ
    Hi there!

    In need of some help :)

    I ordered the ADI 2 DAC tonight as I tried it a few weeks back and it was love on first sight

    I just wanted to ask if it is possible to connect it to my iPhone? Maybe via optical into the Apple adapter something of the sort

    I tried googling it but found no nothing helpful, thanks in advance!
  13. captblaze
    iPhone X>Lighting CCK>USB Cable>ADI2 DAC

    20190520_231145496_iOS.jpg 20190520_231227509_iOS.jpg
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  14. Overclocked11
    Which iPhone? You should be able to use a lightning to USB female adapter, and then usb A to usb B cable.. at least you can connect a recent Android device this way (or just Usb C to USB B adapter), don't think there'd be anything preventing an iPhone from outputting also.
  15. Khazit
    I pulled the trigger on the ADI-2 DAC and I absolutely love it so far! I am using it as both a DAC and AMP right now and I am curious if I should have Hi-Power constantly on or if I should just switch on Auto Ref Level or just leave it as Lo-Power? I am currently pairing it with DT 1990's
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