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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. audiobill
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  2. MikeW
    The ADI-2's back in the house... sorely missed. What a great piece of gear. I'll try to get some head time over the next week and post some impressions of the pairing with Liquid Platinum. Hooked up balanced out into balanced input of LP. It's gonna be really hard to move onto a product with less features in the future. This thing has spoiled me, particularly the volume, display, crossfeed, filters, and PEQ. Im a big believer in EQ so that is a game changer for me.. how the hell am I supposed to move on to a lesser product.

    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
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  3. MikeW
    yeah, the burn in's real, I noticed this with mine, took a solid 100 hours for things to start opening up. Don't know if it effects just the headphone amp or the whole dac, was listening to it as an AIO at the time.
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  4. lukeslens
    Just got my ADI-2 in this afternoon. Spent a couple hours dialing in the EQ. So far it's impressing the hell out of me. It only has a few hours on it so I can't imagine what it will sound like with 50 or even 100. The ability to dial in the sound with immediate feedback in my Clears was game-changing for me. I have been almost positive that I want to upgrade to a Qutest, but I don't know now. I was so worried about the ADI-2 being too analytical or boring but that's just not the case.

    I'm desperate to hear your experience with the ADI-2 and the Liquid Platinum, @MikeW, cause I'm thinking that might be the set-up I go for. As I'm listening to the ADI-2 all I can think of that could improve the performance between this and my Focal Clears is a good balanced tube amp.
  5. lukeslens
    Here's pics from my setup.
    IMG_1888.jpeg IMG_1890.jpeg
  6. penguinofsleep2
    Me as well
  7. tekkster
    So jealous of everyone with all these beautiful layouts for their equipment.

    all my gear is a mess of badly aligned boxes, and a chaotic mess of cables on my work desk.
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  8. MikeW
    Have to be patient for my thoughts on how it pair's with the LP, I don't want to rush things. Need some head time to properly evaluate them. I've heard very analytical and boring dac's before, and the ADI-2 is definitely not in that category. Though most implementations of the 4490 are warmish/neutral with decent musicality. Sabre is what makes you want to plug you years in my experience. That shelf im using is a 30$ monitor riser on amazon.. it's nice and vented so helps keep the LP cool, which runs a bit on the hot side, not something you'd want to stack really.

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  9. Overclocked11
    I want one of these so bad.. Not to say I'm not happy with my current setup (Teac UD-501 & Lake People G109).. I mean, its great.. but this unit looks like it could potentially replace both for my desktop setup (Atticus / IMR R1.. plus future IEMs)

    A headphone store near to me has them in house so I may go to take it for a test drive one of these days and see if I like it. It truly looks awesome and reads like it is a stellar all-rounder.
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  10. talmadge

    Where did you get the shelf and what brand is it?
  11. MikeW

    Spent a good part of the day tweaking my JBL LSR305's and EQ curves for HD650. Still need some more head time with Liquid Platinum before im ready to post a review. The Liquid platinum is great, I got both pieces of gear around the same time though, and honestly I really really like the liquid platinum(best headamp i've owned), but I absolutely love the ADI-2. Probably the best piece of audio gear i've ever purchased. To be clear, im talking overall. Not the headamp section. While the LP has an excellent headamp, competive with the best 350-500$ amps around IMHO. The LP's a bit of a step up.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
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  12. talmadge
  13. lukeslens
    I'm hoping to pull the trigger on a Liquid Platinum next week. Until then, I'm just blown away by the ADI-2. I was almost positive I was going to try it out and still end up upgrading to a Qutest, but now I don't know. The adjustments I'm able to make with this thing is just downright addictive!! And it sounds SO damn good. I can only imagine what kind of improvements I'll get by going full balanced on a Liquid Platinum. But until then, the ADI-2 into my CMA600i is, in and of itself, pretty goddamn phenomenal.
  14. lukeslens
    My main system dac was a Teac UD-501 that I've been using since 2015 or so. I've absolutely loved that thing and I just moved it to my office, but no doubt about it, the ADI-2 is pretty considerable upgrade.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
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  15. Spareribs
    Nice specs. And the unit looks handsome too. Like a sharp well dressed gentleman. Looks like a serious candidate in the category of higher end audiophile gear. This could be my future DAC.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
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