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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. BrainFood
    Good to join the club! Sound quality is really clean with loads of fine detail, and refreshingly less forward than my previous sabre DAC:thumbsup:

    Only negative I can think of (for me at least) is that connecting cans/iems mutes the line outs, to speakers in my case. So, there appears no way of leaving the cans plugged in permanently and turning their output off from within the menu or remote command. It's no biggie but I would have preferred less plugging/ unplugging.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
  2. Anaz
    There’s a setting (Setup -> Device Mode -> Mute Line) to allow you to manually toggle between headphones/IEMs and line out by pressing the volume button.
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  3. BrainFood
    I was hoping there might be somewhere. Thanks!
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  4. mixman
    Interested in the outcome of the comparison with the LP. I see they are on backorder until 4/16. If I really find myself buying a hard to drive HP like an HE6, I am thinking of perhaps. an Audio gd NFB-1 or something like that.
  5. MikeW
    Got the liquid platinum in today, but only have motherboard audio as a source (yuck).. it's decent as far as that thing go's.. Realtek 1150 with a dedicated op-amp but still trash compared to what im used to. The ADI-2 will be back in the house next wednesday.
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  6. lukeslens
    The suspense is killing me!

    Are you just using stock tubes for now?
  7. MikeW
    Yeah, I just got the LP in today, and I haven't had much time to listen to it yet. Just stock tubes for now, some russian 6922's.
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  8. Stopeter44bis
    I just bought one here :


    Useful for French members, currently (Feb 2019) 50€ cheaper than Thomann.

    I would have waited, because I am right in the middle of moving house, but needs must ....

    The do not appear to deliver outside France if bought on the website. I bought through the website, but went to the shop (not far from Metro Pigalle, in Paris).
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  9. lukeslens
    ADI-2's showed up on Amazon Prime again, so I just ordered one. Should be hear on Wed. Looking forward to trying it on my CMA600i. Just wish I could get a Liquid Platinum to compare with it.
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  10. Quinto
    I am liking my ADI-2 a lot more since it made some hours ..the tonality improved quite a bit..It does great with my HD800S, so darn clean
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  11. Stopeter44bis
  12. Giacomino
    [QUOTE = "Quinto, post: 14803297, membro: 120902"] Mi piace molto di più il mio ADI-2 da quando ha fatto alcune ore ... la tonalità è migliorata un bel po '... Fa benissimo con il mio HD800S, quindi dannatamente pulito [/CITAZIONE]

    Eccellente Rme con HD800S per me ... Two is better than one, tell me if it's not love! IMG_4580.JPG
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  13. CaptainFantastic
    Dude, why two? Looks great but... one for home and one for the office or just back up? :)
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  14. Luckbad
    I carry mine to and from work every day in a carrying case. If I could afford it, I'd probably have two.
  15. mixman
    Two, that's hardcore!
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