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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. NickedWicked
    Ah my bad, interpreted it that way. Didn't even know those meters gives an indication for eventual distortion (red), such a neat device.
  2. lowvolume
    I think 99.9% of the ADI-2 Pro and DAC users have never seen that feature working. You need full volume at High Power setting with a lower impedance can, which are usually quite efficient. So you blow your ears before you will ever see it.

    I saw it with Mr.Speakers Aeon (one of the quieter phones) and a lot of sub-bass turned in. That is still too loud for many people...
  3. johnreekie
    Hi, it's really important to learn how to use the EQ function in these units, when you get it right it will be a revelation. (Disclaimer: I own the ADI-2 Pro not ADI-2 DAC, but this part is the same.)
  4. AudioQuality777
    Package wrapped with musicstore.de.:)The process of buying.Wrote a letter to the Manager.The Manager said it wasn't available, but it would be in a couple of weeks.Once ordered and paid for.On the website and has not appeared.All disassembled from a warehouse those who ordered-paid at once.Some photos.:L3000:
    The design is cute.A small, neat simply charm of!:v:
    The first the impression on sound.The class is felt immediately.Completely neutral (not dry and not greasy),natural sound.Revibrate many,many details,very good speaker.The bass digs deep.Very pleasant and analytical sound!!!:beerchug:

    Connected the equipment to the music computer WIN10 with linear power>via the usb charge X-HI USB MATRIX with linear power supply>cable USB Zonoton6N>ADI2 DAC hooked up a linear power supply 12 volt 2 ampere.
    Recommend.It is very easy to raise the sound to a new height by connecting a high - quality linear power supply 12 Volt-1,5-2 amperes instead of the included!The improvement in sound is huge!

    DSC_1866.JPG DSC_1865.JPG
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2018
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  5. wbjia
    really hope someone can compare the sound of RME with PrismSound CALLIA

  6. lowvolume
  7. AudioQuality777
    Prism Callia would be completely "destroyed" in the net with no chance.If the author had connected to the AD2 PRO high-quality linear power supply type TEDI 12 volt 2 amp.Analog ,smooth,wet and a little soft sounding at the output.Do not compare with the power supply and giving in the kit.I'm gonna use DAC version and it's great.
    Characteristics of the weak.Prism Callia.CALLIA supports linear PCM in 2's complement binary coding and, using the "DSD over PCM" (DOP) protocol, DSD at the original bit-rate (DSD64) and also at 2 x the original rate (DSD128). DSD Files encoded as "DOP" may be played with both ASIO and WDM drivers.

    RME ADI2 PRO-32 Bit / 768 kHz Digital Audio ,DSD256,DSD Direct.:L3000:

    Last edited: Mar 16, 2018
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  8. wbjia
  9. AudioQuality777
    Taken from the forum RME.
    Re: Suggestion for a RME ADI-2-NPL (Network player)

    "I understand your point .. But meanwhile you could do what I do to get a very nice working and round solution.

    Get a RME recording interface with ADAT or SPDIF out and connect it to your PC.
    The PC has access to local Storage or NAS where your FLAC files reside.

    Take a 15m TOSLINK cable to connect recording interface to the ADI-2 PRO or DAC in front of your HiFi.

    In the case of the ADI-2 DAC you can use its remote control to control the ADI-2 DAC.
    As Music Player on the PC I recommend MusicBee as it has a plugin which allows you
    to control it remotely via Android App. And its a nice looking one with many useful features.
    Its the best which I know.

    If you have "normalized" all your music "Ctrl-Shift-V" (gets a Gain Tag into the FLAC header)
    then you have nearly everything on the same level and only need little volume adjustments.

    While listening on your HiFi you can make use of the very nice dynamic loudness of the ADI-2 Pro / DAC.
    Or other features. A perfect / round solution.

    Shall you disover (and you will [​IMG] that this is what you want to have for all of your other digital sources,
    then get an Oehlbach Optosel 4:1. This is a small unit with 4 optical inputs and one optical output.
    You can place it nicely in front of the ADI-2 Pro/DAC. It has a small remote control but you can select
    also at the device which of the 4 optical inputs shall be connected to the optical output.

    This enables you to connect 4 digital sources (PC, TV, Blueray, ...) to the Optosel and from there to the ADI-2 Pro.
    So all of these digital sources can now participate from the excellent D/A conversion and all other feature
    of the ADI-2* like dynamic loudness which is even on high end HiFi a real must have.

    This is also a money saver: this makes epensive Blueray Player with a very good analog section of its own
    completely unnecessary (like ie an Oppo for around €1750). Take a normal Blueray Player which you like, it only needs an optical SPDIF output. Then you can participate from the Reference D/A conversion quality of the ADI-2 Pro.

    At the end towards your HiFi it comes down to a good analog connection between ADI-2* and the HiFi.
    I personally use a symmetric connection as my HiFi Amp supports this.

    Amp to -50db (my usually loudest level) then on the ADI 2 DAC Auto Ref level.
    Then I usually hear with -13 - -20dB to get a little bit of the Loudness (default between -10 - -30dB).
    Thats it.
    And no matter which volume, it always sounds sweet with enough bass and treble by the dynamic loudness correction of the ADI-2 DAC. Better is not possible."
  10. AudioQuality777
    Taken from the forum RME.
    > Anyway the ADI-2 DAC is currently the only DAC I'm considering. In fact I think I will pull the trigger later this year.

    Go for it, you will love it !

    I cross checked ADI-2 DAC with a friends hi-end HiFi (Accuphase E-600, B&W 803D3) with an DAC-40 at the weekend.
    The D/A conversion quality of both DACs is simply great.
    For listening we choosed
    a) songs with a good mix that we know
    b) listened to film music which often have a surprising good and wide mix with much depth and low frequencies in it

    Both DACs are simply great. 1st it was difficult to identify / classify the differencies.
    But after a while - when listening closely to different materials where each song / mix has qualities of its own -
    it sounded as if the newer chip in the ADI-2 DAC was better able to deliver the room information / the depth in songs.
    With a very good HiFi you hear the "room in a room" information much better..
    So in some songs it brought a bit more differentiation between the singer / voice in the front and the band in the back.

    Where the ADI-2 Pro in this comparison really shines - compared to the "simple" D/A module in the Accuphase -
    is the dynamic loudness function. This is the best thing - THANKS RME - that can happen to your HiFi !!!

    It it already very cool when using it for phones (ADI-2 Pro + Audeze LCD-3).
    Now having the ADI-2 DAC sitting in front of a HiFi this is really a killer feature and make lower listening levels really a dream. Once configured you simply choose the volume as you like and "magic" is working in the background for you.

    As I already mentioned, add / put the Oehlback Optosel 4:1 in front of the ADI-2 DAC and then you have the fun for all of your digital sources like TV, Blueray, PC Player, ... Then you can connect 4 digital sources per optical SPDIF and also have for this a nicely working remote control.

    If you look at the prices what major players in the HiFi world like Accuphase take for simply a DAC module, then you can regard the ADI-2 DAC with its features as a real present LOL Especially if you some up, what other cool functions and features the ADI-2 DAC has for phones, in ear speakers: PEQ, etc etc ...

    I think the ADI-2 DAC this is the best DAC, phone preamp, etc etc that you can get and with a quality / features density that is really amazing and this to a real stunning price.:)
  11. pichu
    Hey! Can anyone clarify how the RME ADI-2 DAC works as a preamp/volume controller for active speakers? I want to connect my Focal Shape Twin Dual Active studio monitors to the RME and use the RME’s volume knob but I want to make sure that works good. If not I’d have to buy an external monitor controller to hook up to the RME through its balanced output line
  12. lowvolume
    Clarify? You connect it and then control the volume with the Volume knob or the remote. What makes you think it doesn't work like that?
  13. pichu
    I just wasn’t sure how it was implemented due to it being digital volume control. But sounds good to me! Looks like it’ll be a good DAC and passive preamp for my speaker setup
  14. Malcolm Riverside
    Anyone familiar with NOS dacs care to comment on how close the ADI-2 Dac’s NOS filter setting gets to sounding like the real thing? I’ve only ever had delta sigma dacs and I’m thinking of taking the NOS plunge. Not to replace my ADI-2 but to complement it in my setup.
  15. cardeli22
    Was wondering about this as well.
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