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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. captblaze
    my goal is with this DAC is to be my own engineer and stop with having to settle on Brand X house sound... I am hoping once I get this running the only house sound to listen to is mine. an uncle of mine who has spent many a year in a recording studio constantly teases me with his ability to "bend" sound. now hopefully I get to experience what he has talked about all these years
  2. MikeW
    My unit arrived yesterday and im playing with it now. Not enough head time to comment much about it's sound. The features are quite nice, love that EQ and Crossfeed. My screen does have a rather significant piece of debris right smack in the middle. A bit annoying, for an expensive product.
  3. domho7
    Hi any RME owners knows if the receiver is XMOS base. Tks.
  4. ggetzoff
    Have the vendor swap it out if it really bothers you.
  5. CaptainFantastic
    Yes, mine is spotless and everyone should expect the same. I am sure they will take care of it.
  6. tekkster

    While i disagree with the earlier parts of your statement oryour last sentence, every opinion counts.
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  7. captblaze
    just got this unboxed and installed on my desktop. turned it on and letting the defaults control what I hear. using ASIO driver to both HQ Player and Audirvana +

    my rig:

    CB Custom PC>Heimdall2 USB>RME ADI-2 DAC fs>Element Titan XLR Interconnects>Class D Audio SDS 250>Signal Cable Silver Resolution Reference Speaker Cables> KEF LS50

    initial impression listening to 24 bit FLAC :ksc75smile:

    will mess around with HP and IEM later today... right now I am just listening and enjoying my nearfield (no critical listening today)
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  8. MikeW
    Yeah it's pretty annoying, and will mess with resale value. The vendor I bought it from appears to be out of stock as it was their last unit. Im sure I could fix it myself, as it appears to be trapped between the LCD scren and the Chasis plastic.. unfortunately there's a warranty void sticker on the bottom chassis screw... annoying. There were also very faint scratches on the outer part of the plastic screen. Not enough to be seen in use, but fairly obvious if one catches them in the right sheen of light. I found it odd the unit did not have a pull-off scratch protector on this part. With these two issues combined, my confidence in quality control is a bit shaken. I kind of like watching the spectro graphic, and that dumb speck of dust is right there staring back at me always. The unit was purchased as new, and came completely sealed. The vendor is an authorized reseller for RME.

    Odds are good, that I will eventually sell this piece of gear, just to try something new, a defect like this makes the regular 20% haircut on used go to something like 30 or 35%.

    I went ahead and reached out to the vendor to see what they can do for me.. It seems like a large company with a good return policy, though i've never used them before (Pitbull Audio)

    Edit: Pitbull got back to me really quick, after hours even. They informed me they'd be happy to exchange the unit once they get more stock in a week or so. Great outfit.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2019
  9. captblaze
    having a dealer that wont flinch when it comes to making things right can go a long way to restoring confidence (unless the replacement is borked too)
    I just received mine today and after reading your post gave it a good looking over. looks like fine to my eyes.

    I have spent a good part of the day getting acquainted with all the controls and the general layout of the menu(s). keeping a copy of the menu flow chart on the desk has been helpful and made navigation a touch easier. If you are a hunt and peck person good luck because there are a few layers of menus to pour through.

    my early listening has been primarily with 24 bit FLAC, although I did try out the DSD direct and realized 2 things. I either need a preamp after the DAC to handle volume changes, or need to trim some gain out of the amp itself (which is kind of a pain given the location on the rear panel of the amp). for now and as suggested my the folks at RME I am listening to FLAC with out over or under sampling.

    there is one feature that I have found useful this evening. Loudness
    it has brought back some of the dynamics in the music at low listening levels. a very handy feature and something I will use regularly.

    for my use, this is DAC is an interesting piece of gear. sometime this weekend I will dig into the manual and start building a few PMEQ profiles of my HPs. hopefully I can find some pre configured profiles to copy over and save some time.

    all in all day one has been a good one with this here DAC.
  10. Tsukuyomi
    Got my RME ADI-2 DAC today.
    plugged in my DT1990 Pros and started listening to my film soundtrack library.

    such a world of a difference from anything ive ever owned. the clarity is unbelievable. i really REALLY love this thing.

    i was a tiny bit confused on firmware updating but checked RME's website according to the booklet and easy peasy.

    im having so much fun re-listening to my entire library.

    despite auto-dark being a neat feature. i like it staying on lol.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2019
  11. captblaze
    Just a quick FYI... tone controls (bass/.treble) don't function while playing DSD or any music file above 384 kHz. it took me a while to figure out it is a limitation in the DSP and just wanted to pass it along
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  12. MagnusH
    Has anyone compared toslink to a good USB input (like when you use a good ethernet transport like ultraRendu)? Which sounds best?
  13. jerick70
    I use the ADI-2 Pro connected to USB on a Raspberry Pi with Riopeee installed and send audio via Roon over ethernet. A little different than you are asking about. Yes it does give superior sound quality.
  14. MikeW
    They measured the spdif and usb inputs of the ADI-2 on ASR. They were practically identical, with perhaps the smallest edge (inperceptible) going to it's USB input. I don't know what RME is using for usb interface, it appears to be an in house solution, combined with their SteadyClock FS tech. Whatever it is, appears to be quite high end, perhaps better then XMOS.
  15. Tsukuyomi
    Thanks for the info! i dont have many DSD files, i think maybe 2 or 3 albums. :)
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