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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. kundica
    Pre-ordered mine this morning. Looks like it'll be the end of the month before they arrive/ship. Can't wait!

    FYI, Sweetwater is listing it but when I called to inquire about stock arrival I was told it will probably be April.
  2. Luckbad
    With my sister in town, I've been pushed out of the computer room and have been exclusively using the RME ADI-2 DAC as my DAC/Amp directly from my phone.

    The amplifier is far more capable than every all-in-one unit I've heard (can't think of a better example out there).

    It's been a treat with Future Sonics Spectrum G10 IEMs, Sennheiser HD650s, and Audeze LCD2 Classics alike.

    I'm confident I'd prefer the headphone out to all but the best solid state amp. Only very good tube amps catch my ear over and above the RME--pleasing distortion vs. complete absence of distortion.
  3. cardeli22
    Why oh why do you do this to my wallet.
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  4. oldson
    not much new to read about this dac lately.
    i assume this unit would improve with a decent psu?
  5. Luckbad
    Not many people have it yet because of shipping delays or something. It does not improve much, if at all, with a good power supply. It does incredible things to the power once it's in the unit (there are some measurements floating around, but you can read about it from RME).

    I tried it with an atomicbob Noise Nuke in front as well as a nice linear power supply and with a cheaper switching power supply. It doesn't actually get better or worse. It's kinda magic. Feed it with the included USB cable and use the stock power supply and you're set.

    This is coming from someone prone to the nervosa of cleaner power, better cables, never using USB, etc.
  6. NickedWicked
    If anything a linear power supply will add noise even if it’s inaudible, battery filtering is extremely effective.

    Stop worrying about upgrading and just enjoy the unit, it’s very well designed just like Benchmark’s. :)
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2018
  7. 12Jewelz
    Random question. Anyone knows how the ADI-2 DAC compares (sound quality wise) to any other pro audio units like the Dangerous Music Source? Or even the Gungnir Multibit (similarly priced $1000-1500 range)?
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  8. oldson
    i dont even own the unit (yet)
    i am in the process of considering an upgrade on my micro idsd.
    the adi-2 dac is on my shortlist along with the upcoming teac ud-505 , 2qute and qutest.
    just gathering the info at the moment .
    could be a long process considering the amount of user feedback at present.
  9. cardeli22
    LOL in a similar boat. I just joined the Massdrop plus iems drop so wont be spending too much on audio this year (last year was enough, lol). My micro idsd will be my main unit until probably Christmas when I zero in on the ADI-2 Dac. My wallet hates me these days. :beyersmile:
  10. AudioQuality777
    Hey.Very interesting to see what's inside without the top cover.As visually different from the PRO version.Can you take off the top cap and take pictures?
  11. AudioQuality777
    On one of the forums I read this opinion.:)
    "I just picked up an ADI-2 PRO myself. Not sure what you mean by "maybe" sounds better than the Mojo. I have a Benchmark DAC2, which IMO blows the Mojo away fairly easily. With that said, the ADI-2 PRO will be replacing my Benchmark DAC2 and ADC1 USB combo. I am very impressed with RME's work on this unit, I feel like the ADI-2 PRO and the DAC2 are on the same level, can't decide on a clear winner, but I like the convenience of having AD/DA in one box (works as preamp as well with analog in if not doing AD). I have also compared the DAC2 with the Lynx Hilo a while back, for the same type of all in one solution, but to my ears, the Hilo's DA was nowhere close to the Benchmark"
  12. Collusion[FIN]
    It seems the "release date" (meaning when the unit is really and widely available) is getting pushed back every time I open thomann.de ( last time it was 08.03.2018, now it is 16.03.2018 )... :triportsad:
  13. sikki-six
    Thomann Germany dispatched my unit wednesday. I made the order 15.2.2018.

    I'm guessing they are getting only small batches at this point.
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  14. kundica
    I had one of these on pre-order with a US company. The company listed as expected to ship on Feb 28th when I first ordered but I received a call/email on Feb 27th saying that they would not have stock and ready to ship by that date. They also wanted to run my credit card again(for purchase not auth) since the authorization had expired yet they could not give me a date when they expected stock other than "in the next few weeks." At that point I said I was no longer interested.
  15. strojo
    Sweetwater is currently saying the first week of April for availability.
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