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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Dave S
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
  2. Dave S
    I would only use the inbuilt amp with IEM's, for larger headphones a separate amp really shows what this DAC can do.

    I use an Arcam rHead connected via XLR to the ADI-2 for my HD800's...
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
  3. TheDuke990
    Thanks so far :).

    The Arcam rHead is better than the built in amp of ADI-2 ? Now I'm a little bit worried about the quality of the RME.
  4. Dave S
    To my ears and with my system the rHead is a little better, you may be happy with the inbuilt amp it is very good!
  5. project86 Contributor
    I agree with Dave S - the built-in amp does a good job in many aspects (with full size headphones), but there is better sound to be had via a good external amp like rHead or Rupert Neve RNHP etc. For me, it is a soundstage and imaging thing, along with a treble issue on some headphones. IEMs are great though, no problems there at all and very little benefit to using an external amp.

    My review of the ADI-2 DAC is HERE if anyone is interested. Quite impressed with it overall.
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  6. VRacer-111
    Also depends on if you want neutral or not. The amp is fairly neutral in the RME ADI-2, my preference is mainly warm amps like my modded Gustard H10. The ADI-2 just doesn't work for the Fostex TH-X00 like a warm amp does. It does work very well with a Campfire Audio Cascade though, and the Koss KPH30i sounds REALLY good from it.

    I got the ADI-2 DAC more for it's DAC and features, not really to use its amp section. It is specifically for use with my NAD C275BEE stereo amp for my STAX and speaker setup.
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  7. jonathane40
    Has anyone connected a Sony ZX-300 to the ADI DAC-2 and used it as a transport? The Sony ZX-300 has no analog output; it only offers digital out through the Sony WMC-NWH10 conversion cable. Thanks!
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  8. ngd3
    Thanks to @Dave S I decided to order an ADI-2 DAC and should get it on Monday. I'll download the manual to get a jump on understanding operation, but hoping folks on this thread can share any tips or upgrades to get the most out of it.

    My plan is to strictly use it at work through a USB connection to my workstation. IEMs only - Legend X, LCDi4 and A18t. Planning to give Roon a try also
  9. tekkster
    Congratulations @ngd3 !! I hope you enjoy the ADI-2 DAC. It'll be great with IEMs for sure. I don't have the same IEMs you have, but the ones I do have work perfectly on this DAC.
  10. sodesuka
    They're great for IEMs! And if you don't like what you're hearing off the IEM out, try the 'Phones' out one. I find that for the more demanding IEMs, the 'Phones' out (with Auto Ref. on) is better and it's still dead silent on less sensitive cans. Just gotta remember to turn down the volume dial first.
  11. tekkster
    I recently dug up one of my many old pairs of Ety ER4Ps and ER4Ss. I used to be a fanatical fan of these IEMs, and kept buying more as Ety made stylistic changes over the years.

    When Ety changed the sound profile to XS series, and other more bass heavy models, I didn't jump on the bandwagon, though in hindsight, maybe that would have been good.

    The reason I stopped using these and they ended up in storage was really because of my interest in better DACs, which made the ETYs sound very thin.

    Fast forward to now, and in thinking about IEMs, I started messing around with the ETYs on the ADI-2 DAC and futzing with the filters and EQ.

    On NOS or SD Slow, with a relatively flat EQ (just a tiny bump in bass), the original ETY ER4S and ER4P sound pretty stunning, retaining the near super human sound separation, while adding a fuller, richer sound, a nice bit of warmth, and avoiding some of the wince-worthy glare and artificial, synthetic sound that can plague these IEMs with the Hugo 2 or MojoPoly.
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  12. Tsukuyomi
    Hello everyone,
    Do you know if its possible to have two headphones plugged into the DAC at the same time and listen to the same song, so two people could listen together?
    one in the 6.35 jack, and one in the IEM 3.5? :)
  13. tekkster
    Yeah, you can. In fact, the ADI-2 DAC plays from all ports at the same time. So if you use the balanced output to a separate amp, that will also play at the same time.

    But, you'd have to use the I/O menu to independently set the -dBr, so that each output port is roughly equalized in dB for the headphone/iem/amp connected to it. Once you do that, the main volume knob should be able to control volume relatively easily without excessively loud or quiet db from any of the audio drivers (headphone, iem, amp).
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
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  14. simon740

    anybody use rme Adi-2 dac with active speakers or power amp? So like a preamp and a dac ...ali in one solution..

  15. NickedWicked
    I don't have the DAC version but I reckon it's the same, the pre-amp is great. Hell, professionals, dealers and Hi-Fi users even couple the ADI-2 to 10K speakers such as the Dutch&Dutch 8C's and Kii Audio Three as end-game solution.
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